Scientists Are Painting Eyes On Cows’ Butts To Save Lions… And It Isn’t As Crazy As It Sounds

In Botswana, there’s new hope for a peace between cattle farmers and lions. Every year dozens of lions are shot and killed when they try to attack livestock, and it’s a big problem. But how do you deter lions from following their predatory instincts?

New Zealand scientist Dr. Neil Jordan has recently proposed an innovative solution, and trials have been promising. It sounds just a little bit crazy though…

Every year in African countries like Botswana, dozens of lions are shot and killed when they try to attack cattle and other livestock. It’s a problem since lions are a threatened species, but nobody has figured out a way to stop them from hunting… until now. / Dr. Neil Jordan

New Zealand scientist Dr. Neil Jordan has proposed a innovative new solution: paint eyes on cow’s behinds. / Dr. Neil Jordan

The reasoning is simple. Studies have shown that lions are less likely to attack if they know they’re being watched. Since lions are ambush hunters and take down prey from behind, big painted eyes on cows’ rumps should deter lions from attacking. / Dr. Neil Jordan

If fewer lions try to attack cattle in the first place, then fewer farmers will have to make the choice to shoot them. Farmers protect their property and lions live; it’s a win-win and early trials have been promising. / Dr. Neil Jordan

You can visit this website to learn more about Dr. Jordan’s efforts! / Dr. Neil Jordan

Wow, what weird solution! Hopefully Dr. Jordan’s future trials continue to yield promising results, so lions and cattle can be safe.

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