Stray Kitten Is All Smiles After Getting A Massive Tumor Removed From Inside Her Face

Try as rescue organizations might, it’s often extremely difficult to adopt out animals who have suffered from a medical issue in the past. Even if by all measures they’re better now, people still hesitate to take them on.

In some ways it’s understandable, as animals with certain health issues require time, attention, and money for treatment that many folks just don’t have. Most of the time, however, these pets are perfectly fine and deserve a good home just as much as any other critter.

Take lovable little kitten Keta for example. When she was picked up off the street, she had a disfiguring, baseball-sized tumor on her face, and her rescuers worried that she might never be adoptable because of it…

Keta the kitten was a stray who was found wandering the streets of New York City while suffering from a baseball-sized facial tumor. When she was picked up, her rescuers had no idea what to think about her condition.

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A few months back, Unwanted NYC Pets, a rescue organization that rehabilitates animals that have been homeless for a period of time, got a call about the poor cat and decided to have a look.

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Keta was being held at one of the city’s animal shelters, and the workers there weren’t sure whether or not the little feline was actually seriously ill. She was not even a year old, and they worried she might not make it much longer…

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Unwanted NYC Pets checked her out and found that while the tumor seriously disfigured her face and needed to be removed, her condition wasn’t so hopeless that putting her down was the best option.

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Many of the workers found her tumor, which was so large it had grown to jut out of her little mouth, extremely jarring, even upsetting, but they resolved to help Keta as best they could.

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The vets took x-rays and did a biopsy to see if the tumor was cancerous. If it was, then the longer they waited to remove, the more chance there was that it would spread to Keta’s brain.

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The results came back and the tumor was benign! Her vets wanted to celebrate, but they realized it left them with a moral dilemma: Should they put Keta through the trauma of an invasive surgery to remove it?

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They weighed the risks that she might end up more deformed after the surgery and would spend weeks in misery against the very real prospect that she would never be adoptable with such a prominent growth.

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Unwanted NYC pets ended up consulting with a number of different vets and animal experts to determine the best course of action, and eventually they decided to attempt to remove Keta’s tumor.

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Ultimately they were swayed by Keta’s charming personality, which made them think she would make some family very happy, and by the fact that she was otherwise very healthy and could handle the surgery.

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They began raising funds to pay for the operation, all while trying to stay realistic about the fact that many things could go wrong, like Keta losing an eye or becoming permanently reliant on a feeding tube.

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The surgery was performed by Dr. Tomas Infernuso, a graduate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, and not only did he remove the tumor, but he also attempted a facial reconstruction…

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After the little kitten underwent her surgery, everybody breathed a huge sigh of relief when the news came back that the tumor was successfully removed with no complication or unforeseen side-effects!

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It would take some time for Keta to fully recover, but the Unwanted NYC Pets folks were thrilled with the surgery’s results and gained a newfound confidence that she could one day be adopted out.

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The little kitten managed to make significant progress in her recovery very fast. Just four days after the operation, she was already using her left eye properly and eating and drinking normally!

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As Keta continued to recover, the surgical cuts healed, the skin on her face tightened back up, and her eyes aligned normally. She would never be perfectly symmetrical, but she was looking better than they ever imagined she would.

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The rescue organization kept their online followers informed about the little kitten’s progress, and she gained a number of fans, but unfortunately, none of them stepped up to adopt her.

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The organization understood that many were weary of taking her on before she was fully recovered, but as time went by the workers found themselves making more and more heartfelt pleas for someone to take Keta home.

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A number of the organization’s Facebook followers expressed interest in adopting her, but nobody ever followed through with the process. 

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Keta is still looking for her forever home, but the posts about her online continue to be very popular and they hope that the continued interest in her progress and well-being will one day turn into the adoption she deserves!

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Keta’s been through so much for such a young kitten! If you have any interest in adopting Keta, get in touch with Unwanted NYC Pets here!

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