14 Fearless Cats Who Aren’t Afraid Of Bears, Snakes, Or Any Other Wild Animals!

The phrase “scaredy cat” didn’t come out of nowhere. Despite how tough your house cat wants you to believe he is, he’s still a part of the same species that flees at the sound of a knock on the front door.

Still, there are some cats that really take the catnip when it comes bravery—or maybe they just lack common sense! When faced with trouble, they’ll battle other cats, dogs, and even snakes, bears, and alligators if need be until they’ve compiled a resume so impressive that the Animal Planet would want to reach out to start a TV series.

While not every cat is ready to do battle with a fearsome intruder, others are eager to prove their nerve in some tough situations. When they do so, it can be pretty wild!

1. Take a look at this cat. She sees a few cucumbers that have mysteriously appeared beside her, and that’s it—she’s bouncing off the wall with fear! But without knowing this kitty, you could make a pretty safe bet that when she’s not running from green, cylindrical vegetables, she’s probably trying to act tough.

2. Any cat owner will tell you that, in between moments of absolute terror, cats can be as tough as they come. With claws as sharp as daggers and a senseless curiosity that sometimes borders on unwavering bravery, you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of a house cat.

3. Don’t believe that cats are capable of being brave? Then consider this your evidence: when this feline came face to face with a king cobra, he didn’t run away in fear. In a truly valorous act—or an absolute stupid one—he dodged every strike and stood his ground.

4. Here’s a situation that would have us humans running to the bedroom for a fresh change of underwear. When this bear approached Miss Kitty for a little mid-morning sniffin’, she struck back with a paw and lunge forward that said, “Don’t you dare, you dumb bear!”

5. You’ve seen a cat fend off bears and snakes, so what chance does a dog stand? Unleashed from what appears to be a cage fighter’s pit, this cat sent a curious pooch running with a quick pounce. Rumor has it that, to this day, the dog is still fleeing.

6. Blink and you might miss the attack of this ferocious feline. With a blow this fierce, it makes you wonder just what exactly this pooch did to end up the subject of kitty’s ire. One’s thing for sure—he won’t do it again!

7. Who was the recipient of this kitty’s powerful, guttural hiss? Why, a wild bobcat, of course, who wore an expression not unlike an evil villain from a kid’s cartoon! That bobcat was lucky there was a glass door between him and the kitty… otherwise he’d surely be on the receiving end of a ferocious paw swipe!

8. Here is just a normal parasailing trip—no funny business here. Oh, except for the cat crawling on the wing. You can hardly doubt this cat’s bravery because of his tempered mannerism that gives more of a how dare you wake me up from my nap-vibe and less of a save me from this mortal peril-vibe.

9. Right here you have a bear who decided to get a little nosy with a house cat, and a cat who wouldn’t have any of it. Surely, the cat realized the bear could probably swallow him with little effort? That didn’t stop him from dishing out a nose boop to put the bear in his place.

10. This kitty was obviously no stranger to dealing with crocodiles, because he lashed out with enough speed and ferocity that this crocodile wouldn’t be questioning where his tears came from later that night.

11. It’s not so much that the cat touched the snake in this GIF that should amaze you. It’s more that he so casually examined a creature that could launch its venomous fangs into him before he knew what happened. Still, you have to applaud this cat’s scientific, studious approach to a reptile that would send most of us running.

12. Here’s the question we’ve all been waiting for: what happens when you pit a cat and a mountain goat one-on-one? Apparently, the cat gets a really puffy tail and strikes with the speed of a thousand horses. The goat, meanwhile, gets confused.

13. Cats aren’t all about death and destruction when they’re sharing space with an unknown animal. This cat took quite the liking to the ocean’s most movie-friendly mammal, and even gave her a few kisses on the snout for good measure.

14. This fox kept wandering into a cat’s domain, and frankly, the cat was just tired of it. No way was he backing down from this sly trickster. It was enough to have the fox backing up and second-guessing his choice of dinner for the night.

If you can’t get enough feline fighting and bravery, well, you’re in luck! The video below features more cats that will have you picking up your jaw off the floor. They’re mean, they’re tough, and they most certainly are not scaredy!

Wow, those fearless cats means business! Those predators had no idea they were about to mess with some kitties who weren’t scaredy cats in the least…

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