This Picture May Look Odd… But When You See The Story Behind It, Your Heart Will Melt.

Patsy Gibbons of Kilkenny, Ireland, might seem like your average neighborhood guy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s because Patsy is the father of three adorable babies that he saved and eventually adopted as his own.

But Patsy’s family isn’t what you think…

Patsy is the proud father of three foxes: Gráinne, Minnie, and Henry.

fox-father-1Clodagh Kilcoyne Photography

Each fox had a rough story of their own, but all three inevitably found a home with their dad, Patsy, who gave them a safe place to live and as much love as they could want. 

fox-father-2Inese MJ Photography

Henry, the youngest of the family at eleven months, was attacked by a dog as a baby. Patsy helped him make almost a complete recovery, though his eye is permanently damaged.

fox-father-3Inese MJ Photography

When Gráinne was a baby, she was found after being trapped in a box for ten days. Patsy rehabilitated her, and eventually adopted her as his own.

fox-father-4Clodagh Kilcoyne Photography

Minnie is five and was brought to Patsy when a woman in the area found her abandoned as a baby. She’s undeniably the drama queen of the bunch, always causing trouble for Patsy and the other foxes. By the look on her face as she sits in her dad’s lap, it seems like she’s plotting something!

fox-father-6Inese MJ Photography

The foxes have their own cozy shelter that they sleep in. They’re even housebroken, and come into the house each evening to hang out with Dad. 

fox-father-5Clodagh Kilcoyne Photography

Together, the foursome make for quite the unusual (and adorable!) family. They’ve captured the attention of the community. Cars often stop to take pictures of them as Patsy walks the foxes on a leash around town. 

fox-father-7Clodagh Kilcoyne Photography

He says that he would prefer they stop and chat, though, instead of just snapping a picture and speeding off. 

fox-father-8Clodagh Kilcoyne Photography

The foxes and their dad even make trips to the local school to educate kids about wildlife.

fox-father-9Clodagh Kilcoyne Photography

“The children just love seeing them,” Patsy told the Irish Times. After all, who wouldn’t love these little guys?

fox-father-10Inese MJ Photography

These adorable foxes are lucky to have such a caring and compassionate father. They might just be the cutest family ever!

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