Precious French Bulldog Is Absolutely Terrified Of His Own Toys

Dogs are known for their unwavering, protective nature. They tend to be a little suspicious of anything that comes near their owners, especially if it poses any sort of threat to their well-being. The loyalty is instinctual.

While they may think of themselves as ferocious protectors, we’ve all met a dog whose bark is greater than his bite. Sometimes, the canines with the loudest growls tend to be the biggest softies in the end!

Just take this French bulldog puppy, for instance. When something scary finds its way into his home, he tries to act tough—but he ends up being the first to head straight for the exits! Just wait until you see what he’s running from…

Every single dog breed out there has their own very specific personality traits that make them who they are. Few breeds, though, have personalities as big as the adorable and tiny French bulldog.

While they’re called “French” bulldogs, these pups were actually bred from English bulldogs and were used to warm the laps of lacemakers in England. When lacemaking as a trade moved to France, so did these pups, hence the switch in name.

Frenchies were actually designed to be great companions, and they live up to that reputation. They are affectionate, don’t require a lot of exercise, get along very well with other dogs, and unlike other breeds, they aren’t huge barkers, either! Does it get any better than that?

While a Frenchie will be happy to tag along with their person on almost any adventure, there are some things they just can’t do. For example, Frenchies are one of the rare breeds that actually can’t be taught how to swim. If you get a Frenchie and you love the beach, invest in a doggie life vest.

Still, a lot of French bulldogs don’t quite realize how small they are. In fact, many fancy themselves as big, tough doggies. This pup was no different—until something started chasing after him, that is. When you see what it was, though…


While this Frenchie might have thought he had his run of the roost, he got a rude awakening when a mysterious object suddenly appeared. Any sense of being a tough pup went out the window right away, and he headed for the hills.


For all of his bluster and bravado, it turns out that even the “bravest” pup around has their own personal Achilles heel, and that’s fair enough—nobody’s perfect. This dog might think he’s courageous, but he’s just a big old ‘fraidy dog!

Frenchies are very, very sensitive, and you can hurt their feelings all too easily. If yours does something naughty, rather than yelling, go for positive reinforcement. So instead of saying he’s scared, let’s just say this pup is doing a solid Indiana Jones impression!

Frenchies might not need to be exercised heavily, but that doesn’t mean they require no commitment from their owner. They love spending time with their person, and if you leave them alone for too long, they can actually become really depressed.

Also, Frenchies may not love to bark like other dogs do, but their personalities are just too big to keep them totally silent. That means that cutie who was running from the ball probably cried out for some help right after the camera stopped filming!

His bark really was bigger than his bite! How priceless are this pup’s antics?! Either that, or he’s trying out for the next Indiana Jones movie.

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