20 Hilarious ‘Treasures’ That Lucky Dog Owners Received From Their Pets

One of the things that make dogs so wonderful is how much they want to please their owners. If humans show them kindness and give them what they need to survive, they’ll love them forever! Not only that, but they’ll want to return the favor.

That’s why some dogs like to make a habit of giving their owners truly special gifts to show their appreciation. It’s always a sweet gesture, but it’s not always particularly useful. In fact, their idea of a “gift” is often downright hilarious! Just take these 20 funny pups…

1. It’s always nice when your furry friend is thoughtful enough to give you a toy or present he found while at the park. Unfortunately, this silly doggo had no idea what he discovered. Maybe he thought it was a wet napkin to help him wipe off all that mud!

2. Aww… there really isn’t anything sweeter than when somebody special decides to greet you with a beautiful flower, is there? Thoughtful and adorable—this little pup really has it all!

3. To be perfectly clear, no, those are not that dog’s real teeth. They’re dentures that the big guy picked up and showed off to his owner, giving him one of the best gifts that any human could ask for: a huge laugh!

4. If there is a heaven, this dog with an entire cheeseburger in his mouth is there. Just look at his expression! Hopefully, the rest of us can find our own metaphorical cheeseburgers ASAP.

5. Looks like we’ve got a regular athlete on our hands here. It’s funny she has a basketball in her mouth when she’s clearly a boxer. Perhaps she’s taking up a new hobby? Unfortunately, not every dog can be Air Bud!

6. First off, it’s mighty impressive that this dog managed to effortlessly pick up a dumbbell like that. That’s got to be at least three pounds! His “cape” also makes him look quite heroic and ready to fight crime. Watch out, Ace the Bat-Hound!

7. Whoa, what the heck is that thing? Whatever it is, there’s definitely something to be said about a furry friend who doesn’t hesitate to pick up a creepy crawly object and show it off to the world! What an… exotic gift.

8. You know how some people just can’t choose between presents, so they just decide to shower their friends and families with multiple smaller gifts? That seems to be what this cute pup is doing!

9. Dogs aren’t exactly known for being particularly health-conscious. Still, when your pooch suddenly presents you with a giant head of broccoli, maybe they’re trying to make an important point about your diet!

10. Speaking of diets, it’s always a smart idea to start eating more fruits and vegetables—and what better way to do that than by plucking said produce fresh from the garden? By the size of this cucumber, it looks like you’ll be eating salads for a week!

11. “Hey, come on buddy, you can’t go out like that with that untamed mop on your head! Take this. You’re going to need it. Oh, and change that shirt! You’re not going to get a promotion looking like that!”

12. Back in the old days, a dog might have brought his owners a real chicken as a gift. Nowadays, since chickens don’t typically roam the city and suburban streets, dogs have no choice but to find the next best thing!

Julia Tancock / Flick

13. When you forget to get a gift for that birthday party you’re going to, you might have to scramble to find something at the last minute. In the case of this one procrastinating pup, that meant going with a little grass!

Darren LoPrinzi / Flickr

14. Okay, fine, fallen leaves aren’t exactly rare gifts from dogs. Still, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a nice gesture! Plus, pretty much anything is worth having if it’s given to you by someone this adorable!

15. It can be difficult to motivate yourself enough to make a healthy breakfast. That’s why some people opt to skip breakfast altogether. Not this fella! “How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, sunny side up, or slobbery?”

16. It’s great when dogs offer to play by bringing you tennis balls or sticks, but it’s even better when they understand your indoor hobbies, too. It’s just too bad she doesn’t have opposable thumbs!

Yournotmymommy / Reddit

17. This person decided to celebrate their Reddit anniversary with their best friend! “I present my best buddy, Willie. He loves to fetch and always brings me toys so we can play. The keys are his favorite.”

bulldogjim / Reddit

18. When it comes to playing fetch, a dog’s preferred objects to retrieve consist of sticks and balls. This doggo came back with something a little more practical: a potato! Guess what we’re having for dinner?

19. We have no idea what animal this skeleton belonged to, but we’re sure it shouldn’t be on the sidewalk there. And we’re definitely sure this pup shouldn’t have one of its bones in her mouth!

20. Some people think that simply giving people money as gifts is a “boring” or “lazy” option, but let’s face it: a lot of the time, it’s better than anything else you could have gotten anyway… especially from a dog!

These dogs may not know what kind of gifts their owners actually need, but they mean well, and that’s what matters most. They’re so thoughtful!

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