20 Hilariously Goofy Animal Snapchats That Are Nearly Impossible Not To Laugh At

If you own a smartphone, chances are you use a few different messaging apps to keep in touch with friends. One of the most popular is Snapchat. It’s a great way to quickly capture and share moments, usually alongside a clever observation or with some emojis tacked on to it. Snapchat users may share all kinds of things, but the best snaps are ones that involve funny and adorable pets!

The images these pet owners caught on Snapchat are cute on their own, sure. But what truly sets them apart from the crowd are their hilarious captions. See if you can make it to the bottom of this list without tearing up from laughter!

1. When one woman decided to set up a hummingbird feeder in her back yard, she had no idea that she was priming her horse for an addiction to the sweet, sweet taste of sugar water! Horses: not very good at doing things on the sly.

2. If you’re going to hang deer antlers on your porch, please make sure you put it in a spot that’s low enough for your cat or dog to pose alongside it. Otherwise, there’s really just no point.

3. This hamster clearly takes his calling to preach to the other people—er, hamsters—very seriously! Hamsters aren’t known for their attention spans, so clearly this little guy is speaking some serious truth.

4. If you’ve gone your entire life never dreaming that one day a cow will rest its head on your lap like a dog, then you should prepare yourself for the reality that you’ll never stop dreaming about it after you see this picture.

5. This owl might not be certified by Hogwarts, but there’s just no denying that he’s got a hint of magic about him. Next thing you know, Hagrid will be knocking on this plucky human’s front door…

6. Getting a bad haircut is always a bummer. But getting a bad haircut when you’re a cat who is made up of 98 percent hair, well… that’s on a whole other level. It’s easy to understand this kitty’s ire.

7. Ah, yes, the dreaded feline chicken pox. A cat becomes totally covered with a swarm of freshly born chicks, each one intent on snuggling up to this alleged predator until no one can stand the cuteness. It’s downright tragic.

8. Some people claim that dogs don’t have emotions like humans do, but someone should tell that to this dog who can’t help but feel wounded by the fact that his number-one buddy is spending more time with the new cat!

9. You might think that shrimp make for boring pets, but that’s only because you aren’t watching them closely. Check out the way these shrimp gather for their daily meeting. We can only assume they’re talking about growth for the quarter. Algae growth, that is.

10. What’s cuter than an old woman in a head scarf feeding squirrels in the park? That same sweet woman feeding squirrels with a marionette that looks just like her. Wonder if she brings it every day?

11. Is there anything more annoying than settling in for a long trip and discovering the person in front of you has fallen asleep and is snoring as loudly as possible? This passenger got the surprise of their life when the snorer in front of them turned out to be this cute—if indignant—little guy.

12. Look, staying fit in today’s fast food culture isn’t an easy feat. That goes double when you are Kenny, a dog so cute and so chubby that people can’t help but slip him some snacks every now and again.

13. When you own cats, your interior design tastes kind of have to change. If you don’t understand why, check out what happened when this cat owner thought paper doors were a great idea to install in the home.

14. Oh, sure, if you’re raising chicks you could spend a fortune on fancy equipment designed to help the babies feel nice and cozy. Or… you could just bring them inside and introduce them to your friend, Mr. Hot Coffee Cup.

15. There’s something special about dogs who know how to listen to their owner. An obedient pup is worth his weight in gold. However, Amos is so obedient that it’s making things awkward between him and the other dogs in the house!

16. Sure, being a mom is absolutely magical, but let’s face it: it’s also a ton of work. The look at this new mother dog’s face says it all! Somebody ought to put this on a greeting card for new parents everywhere.

17. How sweet is this kitty’s face? He can’t seem to help but express his true passion for the season and that tree. Of course, he looks less sweet when he happens to be climbing said tree and knocking down all kinds of ornaments.

18. When you’re in a relationship with someone and you own a pet with them, the shenanigans that ensue are downright legendary. This couple might still be getting a kick out of this game, but Charlie is decidedly not!

19. Who hasn’t sighed and wished that real life was more like video games, right? Admit it, if you stumbled across this cat while out for a walk, you’d be pretty sure he was a cool side quest. This is one cat who knows how to stay in his light!

20. There’s just something that’s absolutely adorable about little birds like this fellow. But you have to admit, his watermelon-like coloring makes him a standout. Wonder if his brothers and sisters got this lucky?

Now these are some of the hilarious and adorable pet moments that were just made for Snapchat! There’s nothing like a silly animal photo to make your day.

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