Gorillas Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Tiny Animals That Wander Into Their Enclosures

The mighty gorilla is known as one of the strongest animals in the world. There’s a reason that Merian C. Cooper looked at them as a child and, years later, was inspired to create the fearsome monster, King Kong.

Still what most people don’t know about gorillas is they’re hiding something. No, it’s not some terrible secret—it’s actually much, much better than that!

Despite their imposing physique and fearsome teeth, gorillas have a quality that not many people realize.


Perhaps the best example of this can be seen in this video of several gorillas being captivated by a tiny caterpillar at the Calgary Zoo.


What does the video show, exactly? Well, it’s that gorillas are hiding something… a sensitive side!

Think this is an isolated incident? Check out this footage of a gorilla named Koko when she was introduced to some kittens…

It’s precious. King Kong might have destroyed several blocks in Manhattan, but these guys don’t look like they could hurt a fly… or a caterpillar!

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