Days After This Dog Was Abandoned At A Shelter, She Decided To Make A Break For It

Anyone who has walked through an animal shelter can tell you: it’s a sad sight. While the animals are usually well cared for, it’s hard to see so many animals all wanting you to take them home.

When a dog named Ginger was brought to Apple Valley Animal Shelter by her owner who could no longer take care of her, she was heartbroken. Her bond with that person was so strong that she clearly didn’t want to part ways. Finally, she had had enough and then this happened…

Ginger was devastated when her owner dropped her off at the Apple Valley Animal Shelter in California. They clearly had a tight bond, but the owner simply couldn’t care for the pup anymore.

escape-dog-1Facebook/Apple Valley Animal Shelter

Parting ways once and for all proved to be a difficult task for Ginger. That’s when she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands…

escape-dog-6Facebook/Apple Valley Animal Shelter

One day, Ginger found a way to escape over the top of her kennel. Her getaway was captured by surveillance cameras in the shelter.

escape-dog-2Facebook/Gina Whiteside

Somehow, she was able to get through two sets of doors…

escape-dog-3Facebook/Gina Whiteside

…which led her to the lobby of the shelter. Once she got there, she climbed atop the front desk and weighed her options.

escape-dog-4Facebook/Gina Whiteside

Then she made it through one more door before escaping back out into the world!

escape-dog-5Facebook/Gina Whiteside

Ginger was found three days later wandering around aimlessly, presumably looking for her owner.

(Video may take a moment to load.)

That must be one determined dog to make it through all of those doors! Hopefully she’ll find a forever home soon so she never has a reason to make a break for it ever again.

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