Polar Bears And Grizzlies Are Mating And The Results Are Unbelievable

Germany's Zoo Osnabrück is home to lots of amazing animals. And these days, visitors get to see something that's even better than the usual...there's a brand new species at the zoo, and while it sounds imaginary, it's actually very real and available for the public to see for the first time!

Grolar bears, or pizzlies, as they are also known, are the hybrid species resulting from the mating of, you guessed it, grizzly and polar bears. And wait until you see what they're like!

Grolar bears at Germany's Zoo Osnabrück are about as charming a species as they come.
Also known as pizzlies, this hybrid species is the result of mating grizzly and polar bears, and they are exceptionally rare.
The grolars at Zoo Osnabrück aren't the only ones in the world. The first DNA-confirmed pizzlies were discovered in 2006.
Each bear takes on a unique set of traits from its parents. This is unusual, as most hybrid animals typically favor specific traits from both species.