Cops Who Find A Lost Hamster Decide To Make Him An Official Part Of The Squad

When the police receive an emergency call, they truly never know what to expect. Even if the person on the other end of the line describes their situation, officers have to be prepared for the worst. It’s one of the most dangerous parts of their job.

Sometimes, they arrive on the scene and are completely prepared to handle a crisis, but other times, they’re faced with a surprise. However, as officers in Germany realized recently, not every surprise is necessarily a bad thing…

Berlin police recently responded to an emergency call from a local hospital. They had no idea what to expect as they pulled up to the scene, but as soon as they realized what the call was about, they were all pleasantly surprised!

One of the most dangerous parts of a police officer’s job is that they never really know what to expect when they respond to an emergency call. For the most part, they show up prepared for the worst-case scenario. Sometimes, however, there’s just no anticipating what they’ll find, and they’re taken completely by surprise.

G20 Voice / Flickr

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