11-Year-Old Boy Works Miracles With His Very Own Animal Shelter

You don’t need to be an adult to make a difference in the world, as proven by one incredible young boy from the Philippines. An 11-year-old named Ken started his own animal shelter, the Happy Animals Club, when he was just eight, and he’s since received support from around the world.

Ken’s saved many animals, but some stand out more than others. These are some of his group’s biggest success stories!

11-year-old Ken started his own no-kill animal shelter, the Happy Animals Club, when he was just eight years old. Thanks to donations from around the world, he’s been able to help a number of animals.

rats-1Happy Animals Club

For example, this dog named Hyena was scared, starving and suffering from mange when she came to Ken…

rats-2Happy Animals Club

…but now she looks like a brand new dog!

rats-3Happy Animals Club

Ken doesn’t just rescue dogs, though. This cat named Ceiling was flea-ridden and hungry when he joined the Happy Animals Club. 

rats-4Happy Animals Club

After Ken cleaned, fed, and loved him, however, Ceiling looked and felt 150% better!

rats-5Happy Animals Club

Maybe most miraculously, a few years ago, Ken found and took in a group of abandoned puppies. They were in such bad health that he didn’t expect them all to survive…

rats-6Happy Animals Club

Ken got the puppies medication, cleaned them up, fed them, and named each of them after a famous scientist. One year later, they’re doing great! Here’s the excitable pup Bohr, named after Niels Bohr:

rats-7Happy Animals Club

This is Einstein, who seems to be recreating his namesake’s most famous photograph!

rats-8Happy Animals Club

Here’s Newton, the calm and collected one of the bunch.

rats-9Happy Animals Club

Pascal, or “Baby Pascal” to the shelter workers, is the smallest of the group and is named for polymath Blaise Pascal!

rats-10Happy Animals Club

Planck, named for physicist Max Planck, is the only girl in the whole group.

rats-11Happy Animals Club

Last but not least is Tesla, named for inventor Nikola Tesla, who’s a bit rambunctious and can sneakily escape of most of the shelter’s cages!

rats-12Happy Animals Club

Ken is a real miracle worker, and it’s all the more remarkable given how young he is! To learn more about the Happy Animals Club, visit their website.

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