Meet The Rare Creature People Are Calling ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World’

When you sit back and consider the world’s vast array of natural beauty, it can be a little overwhelming! Whether it’s a stunning geological formation or a lovely flower, there’s simply no shortage of hair-raising natural marvels.

One such beauty is this rare breed of horse from Turkmenistan. The creatures are called “Akhal-Teke,” and their breathtakingly beautiful coats are completely unlike anything most of us have ever seen.

All horses are majestic, beautiful creatures, but there’s one breed that truly stands out from the rest. The “Akhal-Teke” come from Turkmenistan and they’re known for their shining blonde coats that almost look metallic!

blonde-1Facebook / Pascal Mouawad

Known in China as “horses from heaven,” these creatures are very rare, with only around 1,250 in existence, and their coats actually get their luster from the unique structural properties of the hairs themselves.

blonde-2Reddit / Panana

Scientists have discovered that the proteins in these horses’ hairs are arranged in such a way that when light hits them, the hairs reflect and refract the light like metal does. That’s a pretty nifty genetic fluke!

дорога в небоFacebook / Pascal Mouawad

Incredible! The pictures of these horses are magnificent, so I can only imagine how impressive one looks up close in real life!

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