Two Hikers Make A Huge Sacrifice To Help A Lost Dog They Found On The Mountain

It takes a certain kind of person that’s willing to sacrifice their time and energy to help someone or something need. It’s not an instinct that comes natural to most people, but those that are willing to put the effort in are truly special.

Many times, our animal friends are the ones that need us to make sacrifices for them. They find themselves in dangerous situations that require the effort of a human to overcome. Just ask two hikers from Australia who found a lost dog in the middle of the woods.

Two hikers, exploring Australia’s Mt. Glorious National Park, came across a female dog stranded on a creek bed. They were a long way from help, and they knew they needed to be very clever about their rescue plan if it was to work.

While exploring Mt. Glorious, one of Australia’s National Parks, two hikers came across a lost female dog…

dog 1

The hikers found her stranded on a creek bed. They decided to name her Miss Piggy and were determined to help her to safety, but they weren’t quite sure how…

dog 2DangerM0use / Imgur

They approached her slowly, unsure of how she would react. After all, she might not be used to people and could try to run away.

dog 3DangerM0use / Imgur

At first, Miss Piggy ran and hid under some nearby branches. She wasn’t sure if the hikers would help her or hurt her. Understandable, given the situation she was in.

dog 4DangerM0use / Imgur

But, she soon adjusted to the company and warmed up. But, they knew they still needed to help her to safety. What would they do?dog 6DangerM0use / Imgur

Miss Piggy was too tired to walk the trail back, so the men had to devise a plan. They refused to leave without 7DangerM0use / Imgur

They placed her in a pouch and attached the pouch to a stick so they could carry her all the way back to their vehicles.

dog 8DangerM0use / Imgur

Miss Piggy weighed almost 90 pounds, and the men carried her for over 45 minutes back to safety. By the time they reached the cars, she was all smiles and wags!

dog 9DangerM0use / Imgur

It turns out that Miss Piggy, whose real name is Bobby, escaped from her owner’s yard 10 miles away and ended up in the woods! She was missing for three weeks, but managed to stay in good health the entire time.

dog 10DangerM0use / Imgur

Those hikers could have easily ignored the pup and went on their way. Thankfully, she’s safely back with her owner because of their efforts!

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