20 Hysterical Photos Of Dogs Testing Their Owners’ Patience To The Max

If you ask any dog owner about life with their four-legged companion, they’ll tell you they couldn’t imagine going through their day without their furry friend. The world is simply a happier place when a trusty canine is around to share it with you!

Most importantly, life with a dog is truly never dull. From cooky canine antics to adorable cuddles, a dog’s innate, fun-loving spirit makes for all kinds of moments that will surely keep you on your toes. Need proof? Start by checking out what these dog owners had to deal with…

1. Looks like someone discovered where their owner kept the bag of charcoal! At least she was smart enough to disperse it evenly over her whole coat. Maybe she’s working on her doggy tan and she thought it was sunscreen…

2. Siblings will pick on each other; that’s just a fact of life. It looks like these two guys decided to team up on their brother and give him a swirly! Even though his head is in the toilet, you know he’s already plotting his revenge.

3. Most people would be frustrated if they opened their front door only to find that their dog peed all over the porch. That said, you’ve got to be impressed with the well-executed circular form on this fluffy guy’s stream.

4. It would take a lot of skill for a dog to squeeze his head through a hanger, and this goofy one’s clearly been practicing hard! Doesn’t she know she’s already wearing a collar? She certainly doesn’t need two of them!

5. Does this furry ball of mischief really think turning his head away from the messes he makes will lead anyone to believe he isn’t guilty? Hey, you have to give him props for at least trying!

6. This little one just learned the hard way why it’s always a good idea to avoid playing with bees! Hopefully he learned his lesson and the swelling goes down quickly. Bee careful next time!

7. This smiling pooch just couldn’t let his buddy be the only star of the show. How’s this for a photobomb? Most cameramen tell people to say “cheese” before a picture; hopefully this one yelled, “Look out!”

8. Most dog-owners will confirm that their furry pals absolutely hate going to the vet’s office; it can be uncomfortable to have someone poking and prodding around! But this sweetie clearly loves the attention. She’s probably imagining that she’s getting a massage.

9. This sad-looking pooch is upset because someone is keeping him from moving from this spot, but little does he know, it’s him! He’s stepping on his leash with his back leg. Just take a little step to the side, buddy, and you’re free!

10. Every time family or friends gather together to pose for the perfect picture, you can usually rely on someone trying to photobomb it! Case in point: this wide-eyed mischief-maker who wanted to stand front and center!

11. When a dog realizes they’re on their way to the park for playtime, they’re nothing short of ecstatic. However, when it’s time to head home, they tend to look exactly like this guy. Cheer up buddy; you’ll be back!

12. Some people out there only like Cheez-Its, while others love the stuff. This pooch is clearly addicted to the cheesy squares, and he’s not afraid to hide his urge to overindulge in his favorite snack!

13. This little pup’s owner clearly thought he could pull a fast one and sneak some healthy food into her bowl in hopes she wouldn’t notice. Little did he know, his furry friend was able to sniff it out!

14. Leave it to a doggo to completely ruin a perfectly good selfie! This woman tried striking a cute pose, but it was overshadowed by her pooch who decided to sneak a sip of water out of the toilet bowl. Refreshing!

15. How in the world did this dog get herself into this precarious situation? Better yet, how is she going to get out of it? Looks like her tightrope-walking career has come to an end!

16. This happy chap felt like munching on a snack while his owner was out of the room. Unfortunately, the remote took the brunt of his bite, though this satisfied pup couldn’t be more proud of himself.

17. When an animal goes head-to-head with a set of blinds, it rarely turns out well, as you can tell by the outcome of this bout. From the look of it, the blinds put up a pretty good fight!

18. According to this dog’s owner, he ran away from home and was lost for hours. After scouring the entire neighborhood, they returned home to find him peeking through the front door! “Hey, where’d everyone go?”

19. Apparently, this hungry fella barked at his owner’s front door until they got up to see what the commotion was. While they checked outside, he sprinted into the living room to snag a slice of pizza. What a sneaky pooch!

20. There is no shame in this dog’s game. Not only did she make a complete mess of the walls, but she’s sitting loud and proud on top of her day’s work. Hey, when you own a dog, life can be ruff sometimes!

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