25 Dogs Who Are Afraid Of The Most Ridiculous Things Ever

There are many different reasons why you might have a fear of something. Sometimes your phobias are justified due to a traumatic event in your past, while other times you’re scared for a mysterious reason that you haven’t quite completely figured out.

Of course, humans aren’t the only creatures on the planet who can harbor strange phobias. Animals can develop specific fears as well, and sometimes they’re over the unlikeliest of things.

Here are 25 pictures of dogs who have some pretty fearful reactions to otherwise not-so-scary things. These adorable pups are sure to have you laughing out loud!

1. A teeny army of kittens has this dog absolutely terrified. So terrified, in fact, that he didn’t only run away, but he actually jumped up onto a chair so these fearsome furballs couldn’t get any closer to him. Little does he know that they love to jump up on chairs, too!

2. Everything is all fun and games until your plushie toy decides she wants to play and scares the heck out of your dog! Look at how happy the sheep looks; all she wants to do is spend some time with her furry counterpart! Unfortunately, the feeling isn’t reciprocated.

3. Would you believe that this dog has a fear of Julia Roberts? What’s not to love about her? She’s gorgeous, talented, and kind. Maybe if he took the time and watched more of her movies, his opinion would be a little different!

4. Roombas might be the newest and greatest development in home-cleaning technology, but this poor pup disapproves of its arrival into her owner’s home. Perhaps if she lent a paw and did some chores around the house they wouldn’t need a scary cleaning robot to begin with!

5. These two buddies are terrified of the storm that’s happening right outside. The dog is reacting to all the loud thunder, and his feline friend is taking refuge underneath his paw. The frightened dog probably wishes he had someone to hide under, too!

6. Yikes! This pooch leaped right his owner’s arms as soon as this energetic Jack Russell came running out to play. Look at everyone in the background trying to take a picture of this precious moment between him and his owner.

7. Even the slightest bit of rain deters this dog from stepping out of her owner’s vehicle; she’s pretending not to notice that they’ve arrived at their destination. Maybe she thinks if she stays in the backseat long enough, her owner will just get back in the car and leave for drier pastures.

8. Uh-oh, someone doesn’t seem to be too keen on the idea of this adorable kitten running around the house! The kitten just wants to play with her new friend, but this fearful dog would rather cower under the table instead.

9. You have to give this dog kudos for being able to stretch himself so far and still manage to get his food! He must really hate standing on the hardwood floor. He should just bring his food bowl onto the rug so all four of his paws can enjoy the soft surface.

10. You’d never think that a cat would be able to bully her way onto a dog’s bed, but this one sure did, and she doesn’t have any intentions of leaving soon. If her canine pal gets tired, she’d better find a comfortable couch cushion to sleep on or face the wrath of the cat!

11. This is probably one of strangest fears a dog has ever had. For whatever reason, he’s terrified to enter a room facing forward; he has to back-peddle, rear end first! You must admit that it’s a good tactic if he’s tying to make sure no one sneaks up behind him.

12. The owner of this dog sure knows how to get a rise out of him: just toss him a plush mouse toy! The amount of air that this dog gets is pretty incredible, though. The mouse almost looks just as surprised as he does!

13. “Mister Duck! What are you doing here?” This duck might belong to the dog’s owner, or he could just be a friendly passerby who wanted a quick dip in the pool. Either way, his four-legged friend looks very startled by his appearance.

14. Look at this dog’s reaction to her owner’s cat! It doesn’t even look like the cat wants much to do with her, but she’s going to stand in solidarity in the corner anyway. Maybe her feline companion can help coax her back onto the couch and let her know that there’s nothing to fear.

15. This pug has absolutely no idea what is going on with his owner. He probably doesn’t even know that it’s his owner underneath the mask. That mask is a surefire way to freak out any animal or person! Just look at those eyes…

16. These two dogs have the same fear that most children do: vegetables! They don’t want to eat their greens; they’d much rather enjoy their kibbles. These two silly pups would never be able to commit to vegetarianism—they’d be scared of all their food!

17. The basic household vacuum seems to be one of the most fear-inducing items that you can operate near an animal. The loud noise makes them scamper away in a hurry. But this scaredy dog decided to use her owner as protection! This way, she can always keep an eye on the danger.

18. No one is supposed to be scared of their birthday, but this dog certainly found a reason to be! Either something is happening behind the camera that has her bewildered, or she just realized how old she is in dog years.

19. Here’s another evil vacuum trying to terrorize an innocent dog! It’s amazing that a basic household appliance can instill so much fear in a species that usually loves to explore and investigate new things. At least he’s safe up on the couch… for now.

20. Everyone loves cupcakes! Well, everyone except this dog, apparently. His owner tried to make a nice gesture and offer him some delicious treats, but this guy is acting like she offered him a permanent trip to the kennel. “This has to be a trick! What’s the catch?”

21. This dog is quite the needy canine and refuses to walk over bridges. Luckily, he has an owner who doesn’t mind treating him like royalty and giving him the ride he needs. Maybe if the dog knew that the water underneath the bridge was only a few inches deep, he wouldn’t be so frightened!

22. Looks like this playful ferret has both of these dogs up in arms, er… paws! While ferrets are known to be mischievous and highly frenetic, it looks like these two pups are overreacting a bit. If they only gave her a chance, they’d realize that she just wants to roll around and play with them.

23. This big lug likes to creep into his owner’s bedroom during the middle of the night because he’s scared of the dark! And just like any good pet owner would do, they let him snuggle at the base of their bed so he can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

24. Oh boy, it looks like it’s going to take some serious coaxing to get these two guys out from under their owner’s bed. The culprit? None other than a vacuum, of course! They’re probably both trying to talk each other through the noisy ordeal while they hide.

25. Someone needs to tell this curious little canine that there’s no reason to be afraid of a feather! He has no idea what to think while he’s approaching it, and even if it did happen to attack, it would be the softest and most delicate ambush in the world.

These dogs all have some pretty amusing fears, and their reactions are absolutely priceless!

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