20 Wet Animals That Prove Pets And Water Are A Hilarious Combination

Animals are usually pretty cute on their own, being fluffy and soft and all that good stuff. But when they get wet, the effect is somehow amplified! After a dip in the tub, even the most fearsome lion is suddenly not so scary.

Whether it’s a bath or just getting caught out in the rain, a wet pet is always worth a laugh or two and can lead to some pretty great photo ops. All you need is to have your camera at the ready.

Don’t believe it? Then you absolutely need to take a look at these 20 soggy animals. Once you do, you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing!

1. “Run for your lives! He has the shampoo!” It looks like this kitten’s owner underestimated just how much this little fella hates water. Sure, getting him into the tub was no problem, but keeping him in it, well… that’s a whole other story.

2. “Jump in! The water’s fine.” While most cats hate taking a bath, most dogs absolutely love it. This pupper is so excited to be in the sink getting hosed down. The only thing that could make it better is if he had a beach ball to play with!

3. “Don’t even look at me.” While this cat is already on his way to getting nice and dry, it’s clear that even being out of the tub has done little if anything to improve his salty spirits. Suffice it to say that this cat’s owner is all washed up.


4. “I can hear myself getting cleaner!” Even dry, this little pup’s most prominent feature is definitely his gigantic ears! Check out how being in the bath makes those ears even more a delight to behold.


5. “Let me on the bed and all will be forgiven.” It’s clear that this cat has rage in his newly washed little heart, but however much his owner might want to appease him, nobody wants a wet cat on their bed. Not even a little bit.

6. “Who wants to visit Hedgehog Island?” This adorable hedgehog seems to be loving every single second of his bath time. Let’s face it: if you were your own personal flotation device, you’d probably feel the same way.


7. Persian cats look a little bit silly anyway, but after a bath… well, that just makes them utterly ridiculous! Check out the faux hawk on this surely traumatized kitty cat. “I don’t even know who I am anymore…”


8. “Who are you?” For this cat, taking a bath was pretty close to suffering total memory loss! One thorough wetting, soaping, and rinsing down and suddenly he’s got no memory of who he is or how he got into this terrible mess.


9. “I love life!” While baths can be traumatic for some animals, this little monkey can’t seem to get enough of this refreshing dip. Look at how happy he is! He doesn’t seem to mind being sopping wet in the very least.


10. “I’ve been betrayed.” This cat had no idea that, when her owner said they were going on a “very special car ride,” it would result in her being foisted into the hands of strangers and into a very hot tub of evil, evil water.


11. Here’s another shot of that same sad kitty. “A curse will be visited upon your family for what you have done to me this day,” she scowls. “Maybe it won’t be today, and maybe it won’t be tomorrow, but it will come, and when it does, just as death opens up his bitter maw to swallow you whole, you will remember this moment and hear my laugh of victory.”


12. This little guy has clearly never had a bath before. Look at him hugging onto his stuffed hippo for dearest life. It looks like he’s still not over having the shampoo applied to his fur. Just wait until the water returns! He’s in for a shock.


13. “This actually isn’t so bad!” The key to getting your cat to love spending time in the bath is to get him in the tub when he’s a young kitten. Once he gets used to taking a bath as part of his routine, he’ll like it so much he might just shake your hand!


14. “Pride Rock is rainy this time of year, huh?” If you thought it was impossible for lions to look anything less than regal and imposing, then you clearly have never seen a photograph of lions hanging out in the rain.


15. “Baths can be tiring, too!” You know how some days, after going to work, hitting up the gym, and running a million errands, all you want to do is take a bubble bath and then curl up and sleep? Turns out your dog feels that way, too! (Only without the errands.)


16. Get ready for a massive shake in three… two… one… The only thing a big dog like him enjoys more than all of the attention that comes from taking a bath is all of the attention he gets from shaking that bath off!

17. It’s Dobby the house cat! Sure, this little cutie might not actually be a house elf from the Harry Potter series, but you’d never know it just from looking at him. It’s hard to say if he got wet on purpose or if he was too curious and simply fell into the pool!


18. While some pigs love nothing more than to roll around in the mud, this little piglet would rather keep his tootsies nice and dry, thank you very much! And it’s a good thing he does, too, because it means we get to see this cuteness.

19. “I’m gonna need a bath after this!” Why is this dog so excited to be frolicking in all of this muddy water? Because he knows full well that when he’s done he’ll get rewarded with even more water—only it will be the soapy and warm variety!


20. You don’t often think of cows as animals who love taking nice warm baths, but this cow is certainly enjoying herself! Who knew that you could destress in a hot tub in the middle of the yard? The only problem: she’s bound to get filthy the minute she gets out again!

Some pets love being in water, while others will do just about anything to avoid taking a bath. But one thing is certain: wet animals are the best animals!

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