Flight Attendant Befriends A Homeless Dog… And Now He Won’t Leave Her Alone!

Life for a homeless dog sure is hard. When other dogs are safe at home with their loving humans and receive regular meals (and regular pettings), street dogs have to scrape and claw for any scrap of food they can get.

For this stray dog in Buenos Aires, Argentina, life was as bad as it could get. When he made an unlikely friend, however, he realized things would never be the same…

Flight attendant Oliva Sievers lives in Germany, but often travels to Argentina to work. The last time she went to Buenos Aires, she saw this face staring at her.homeless-dog-in-argentina-1

Olivia found this homeless dog near her hotel. Locals had seen him before, but no one would take him home. Olivia, however, gave him some food and played with him for a while.homeless-dog-in-argentina-2

When she tried leaving him, he kept following her. He was ecstatic that someone finally cared about him.homeless-dog-in-argentina-3

He followed Olivia back to her hotel. That’s when she gave him an airline blanket to keep him warm, and gave him the name Rubio.homeless-dog-in-argentina-4

Sadly, Olivia had to go back to Germany. But that didn’t stop Rubio from waiting for her return!

When Olivia came back again for work and stayed at the same hotel, Rubio was waiting for her, ready to snuggle.homeless-dog-in-argentina-6

He just wouldn’t leave her sight…homeless-dog-in-argentina-7

…even as Rubio flew back and forth between countries.

Seeing no end to Rubio’s affection, Olivia arranged for a local rescue group to adopt him. Yet even when they brought him to their facility, he escaped and was back at the hotel, waiting for Olivia.homeless-dog-in-argentina-9

That’s when Olivia knew she had to bring Rubio home with her.homeless-dog-in-argentina-10

After filling out the paperwork and flying him to Germany, Rubio is right where he belongs.homeless-dog-in-argentina-11

He’s together with Olivia for the rest of his life.

I can’t believe Olivia would do that for poor Rubio. Not all dogs get an ending like this!

Share this amazing story with your friends below, and visit the ASPCA to bring a loving dog like Rubio home with you today!

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