Woman Who Asks Her Horse To Stop Misbehaving Gets A Very Unexpected Response Instead

We tend to associate certain traits with certain animals. Cows are laid back and love to eat, while animals like seagulls are loud and constantly in our faces. Sometimes we get it right when we make assumptions about animals, but other times we get it totally wrong.

Show horses are typically majestic creatures known for their obedience and docile nature. But as it turns out, not every show animal is so well-behaved outside of the competitive arena.

If you don’t believe that, just watch what one award-winning gelding named Fergus did when his owner told him to stop horsing around. He simply couldn’t oblige her request…

You might think of horses as being very majestic creatures. They stand with impressive and stunning posture, and their manes seem to be constantly blowing in the wind. To see a pack of wild horses moving together as one is to see the face of the divine.


It’s definitely true that there is something special about horses. After all, there’s a reason every little girl seems to go through a “horse phase.” Horses are beautiful and they are exceptionally strong. It’s hard not to be awestruck by them.

However, sometimes even the most majestic horse can be a little goofy. While it’s true that horses are truly beautiful to behold, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their moments of being just a little bit, well… ridiculous.


You might think it’s just dogs who do stuff like get their heads stuck in trash cans, but that’s just because you haven’t seen an equine at his most ridiculous before! It’s not their usual behavior, but horses can get pretty silly. Take Fergus for example…


When Fergus the horse got a chance to take a day off, his owner had no idea the sort of hijinks this little guy would get up to! Once she removed his bridle, he couldn’t contain himself and quickly began to frolic all over the place.

Horses are naturally hard workers, so it made sense that, when given the chance, a horse like Fergus wouldn’t know what to do with himself on his day off. Perhaps he considered it a mini-vacation? Just look at the way he pranced around! But that wasn’t the last of his shenanigans…

In Fergus’s defense, every horse out there likes to take a break every so often and just enjoy life. However that doesn’t always mean that they are ready to deal with all of the unknown variables that life has to offer. For a horse, being curious can be a problem!

This stunning Clydesdale could easily win best in show at any number of horse competitions. And just because he’s a stunner doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of being a little silly every now and then. Once he was done with his initial prance, he spotted something interesting…


Although his owner tried to settle him down, this award-winning horse couldn’t be distracted. He was making a beeline for a nearby trash can—and the results of his inspection would be absolutely priceless in every way…


When Fergus approached a trash can on his owner’s property, he pulled a move that left everyone in total hysterics. You need to watch the whole video to see for yourself what happened when Fergus decided to let loose…

(Video may take a moment to load.)

That trash can gave this stubborn horse what he deserved. Maybe next time, Fergus will actually listen for once!

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