Mom Hears A Person Fall Into The Pool Before Looking Outside To See That It’s Far Worse

Owning a swimming pool pretty much instantly bumps your pad up to the coolest house on the block. Sweet as it may be, it also means that you have a big, watery hole right in the middle of your backyard — which can be a recipe for some pretty unexpected events if you’re not paying attention. So when one family heard a mysterious splash come from out of nowhere, their worst nightmares instantly started racing through their minds. But when they ran out of the house to investigate, they discovered a dramatic scene beyond what they ever could have imagined.

Pool Time!

Everyone knows that pools are a great way to get some exercise, enjoy family-friendly activities, and cool down during particularly hot weather. Still, as with any home fixture, there are some risks involved.

Rules Of The Pool

Even if you're a strong swimmer, you can easily become injured on the equipment if you're not careful. It's generally a good idea to avoid using the pool alone or unsupervised — especially when it comes to young children.

Keep An Eye Out

Unfortunately, this also applies to moments when you're not using your pool. Just because you're not splashing around outside with a careful eye on the kids, doesn't mean that the pool doesn't pose a risk — as one family discovered recently.

Splish Splash

When this family in the town of Mesa, Arizona, heard a loud splashing sound coming from their backyard, they were confused. Everyone was indoors; what could be causing the noise? They immediately raced outside to see what was going on—and made a shocking discovery.