Maid Hired To Clean Huge House Before A Party Nearly Collapses When She Learns Who Owns It

Housekeepers have extremely difficult—and often thankless—jobs. It can be physically taxing, and these brave people are often underpaid to do the work around strangers’ homes that others don’t want to do. Housekeeper Cara Simmons understood this all too well…

Cara did her job for years without ever enjoying a day off, even when it began to take a serious toll on her physical health. Still, her positive spirit never diminished. One day, she was tasked with an otherwise ordinary housekeeping assignment—and it ended up changing her life!

Cara Simmons of Cleveland, Ohio, was a 36-year-old single mother of three who made ends meet as a housekeeper. She worked so hard that she never took a single day off, let alone went on vacation.

Unfortunately, this routine caused Cara to be hospitalized more than once. The stress gave her stomach ulcers, and she still had trouble paying rent. However, Cara pressed on, giving her all to every assignment for her family.

Her children loved and appreciated her dearly, and her employer—a housekeeping services company called Maid Brite—was especially impressed by Cara’s work ethic.

Things were definitely tough, but what Cara didn’t know was that she was about to get the assignment of a lifetime. On a day that seemed like any other, Maid Brite sent Cara to a “very important” client’s home…

As soon as Cara arrived, she was greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Madeline Blue. She explained that, although the house was already cleaned, Cara was still needed for some work.

Madeline said she was hired by the owners of the house to organize a large party that would take place that evening. She hired Cara to assist her in preparing everything. It sounded reasonable, so Cara took on her first task: meeting the world-renowned chef—Manny Slomovits—who would prepare an extravagant six-course meal for the event.

Cara’s work had only begun. Her first assignment was to taste—and evaluate—every dish for the event. This was not something Cara was used to, but as a dutiful employee, she agreed. She was a little wary, of course.

Making conversation as he presented the extravagant meal, Manny asked Cara what her favorite food was. Cara immediately replied “spaghetti”; that was her kids’ favorite food, after all. It was clear that she always put their happiness before her own.

The meal that the chef had prepared was a far cry from spaghetti. Cara was asked to taste a South African Tristan lobster—which was worth somewhere between $400 and $500—as well as  lobster tail and quail egg with basil oil.

The rest of the meal consisted of an assortment of gourmet dishes that featured $4,000 white truffles and even edible gold. Sweet chocolate treats topped off the dessert menu. This party was certainly going to be fancy!

The meal was delicious, and incredibly expensive. Madeline then returned and asked if Cara could answer the door. That was when she came face-to-face with two men who arrived for the party’s reflexology station…

Then, Madeline made an odd request: the men needed to warm up their hands before the party started, or else they’d get cramps. Would Cara allow them to give her a massage? While it was unusual, Cara was happy to oblige. It was her job, after all!

It must have been a surreal experience for the hardworking housekeeper, and she expressed disbelief about how easy her workload was. “I think it’s my birthday,” she joked as the therapists worked their magic.

Little did Cara know how much more was in store for her. Next, Madeline took her upstairs to a bedroom, where she explained that she was trying to clean out a closet by getting rid of an assortment of designer clothes…

That was where Cara was supposed to come in: she was told that she could take whatever she wanted for herself, including designer heels, a beautiful gold watch, and even a stunning jade necklace!

After that unusual shopping spree, Cara answered the door to find a delivery man with a large box. Madeline asked her to open it, and what Cara found in there was shocking…

Somehow, Cara’s own belongings were in that box! Obviously, this was extremely unusual. She’d never even been to this house before, so how—and why—would her very own stuff be sent there?

Cara started to get suspicious, and perhaps even a bit worried. The delivery man arrived with an even bigger box, but he wouldn’t answer Cara when she asked him where they came from.

After being pressed, however, the delivery man explained that the items were for “the woman who lives in this house, Ms. Simmons.” To Cara’s utter shock, Madeline said, “Yeah, Ms. Simmons is my boss.”

What on Earth was going on? Cara was supposed to be cleaning this house—so why was she being treated so nicely? And why were her own belongings sent to a stranger’s house? The answer was coming soon… and it would completely change Cara’s life!

It’s hard to believe that so many amazing things happened for Cara (and her family) at once, but that makes the story so much better! She deserved every bit of the extraordinary generosity that she received.

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