Dog Owner Records What Just Might Be The Single Worst Hide-And-Seek Fail Of All Time

Hide-and-go-seek is a game usually reserved for children, but every pet owner knows that their animals, big and small, love to play as well. Cats in particular are masters of hide-and-seek, but dogs? Not so much.

Some pooches seem to think they’re sneakier than they really are. They’ll underestimate their size and can’t quite fit in their ideal hiding spot. Naturally, when they end up in an unexpected place, it can be quite a surprise! So when this husky was nowhere to be found, her owner was befuddled. It seems that she just disappeared into thin air…

That’s when the dog owner stumbled upon a few clues left behind…

Hide-and-seek is one of life’s many classic games. You only need a partner and a sense of creativity to play, and that’s why it’s the perfect game for kids; it can’t get too dangerous or messy.

Of course, every pet owner has probably entered into a game of hide-and-seek—willingly or not—with their animal at some point. Cats can really dominate here. They’ll hide in plain sight for hours without being spotted. Dogs, though? They’re a little more clumsy…

Big dogs don’t generally understand their size, which might be the leading cause in their inability to hide particularly well! Take this video, for instance: when one husky owner went looking for his pooch around his house, it didn’t take long for him to find his dog’s really horrible hiding spot…

DailyPicksandFlicks / Youtube

Looking back and the forth, the dog owner had a good sense of where to start his search. His pup couldn’t grab the car keys and hit the road; she couldn’t even open the front door. So she had to be somewhere in the house. Where could she have gone?

DailyPicksandFlicks / Youtube

While the owner was searching, he noticed an interesting clue: an abandoned bone. It was the first real step in unraveling his dog’s hiding place. Clearly, evidence suggested she was somewhere in the room…

boneDailyPicksandFlicks / Youtube

With this information tucked safely in the back of his mind, the man continued his search for his hiding husky. To his left, beside a window, he spotted his couch… and another clue! What was it?

DailyPicksandFlicks / Youtube

Ripped into the couch’s fabric, there was a big hole. A husky-sized hole, in fact. But to truly find the dog’s location, he would need to get down on his hands and knees and inspect the scene of the crime…

rippedcouchDailyPicksandFlicks / Youtube

Carefully, he raised the fabric of the couch and peered into the cavernous space underneath (which, by the way, looked like an awesome place to get some rest). Still, there was no dog in sight. Or was there?

DailyPicksandFlicks / Youtube

Underneath the couch, behind that little flap of fabric, he saw something that told him exactly where his husky was. Her game of hide-and-seek would be coming to an end. This pup had been discovered!

DailyPicksandFlicks / Youtube

Watch the entire video below to see the hilarious spot this husky had gotten herself into. In the meantime, let’s just say she won’t be winning any awards for her hiding prowess, that’s for sure!

Alright, so this husky may not be the best at playing hide-and-seek, but at least she was creative. Next time, though, she might want to leave the games to kids and kitties.

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