Watch This Husky Absolutely Lose It When He Gets The Gift He’s Always Wanted

Generally, huskies aren’t meant to swim. Bred to pull sleds and beat the freeze of the northern hemisphere, a sopping wet husky wouldn’t last long in the Arctic Circle. So, naturally, they’re not the biggest fans of water.

Only, it seems like no one gave this husky that memo! When the family of Tripp the husky introduced him to his brand-new pool, he had a reaction that might shock other husky owners—and leave them laughing out loud!

Seriously. When you see this doggy go, you’ll be in stitches…

Though there are exceptions, most huskies are not water dogs. Husky owners can find it to be a real pain to bathe their dogs’ beautiful coats because the pooch simply will not tolerate the water for any amount of time.


And that makes sense! Huskies are snow dogs, and they’re meant to survive in frigid northern winters. In such frigid conditions, if a sled dog fell into a river and got his coat wet, it could be deadly. For the sake of survival, huskies’ instincts tell them it’s better to just avoid water if possible.


But this little husky, whose name is Tripp, doesn’t subscribe to those mandates. He’s got a brand-new pool—and he’s absolutely thrilled about it! As soon as he jumps in, he shows the world that he’s different than your average husky…

Overcome with excitement, Tripp took a moment to adjust to this new feeling. Though it was clearly summer, this was basically Christmas morning for Tripp, and he was going to let everyone know it!

Before long, Tripp was having the time of his life splashing around and wading into the ankle-deep water. Time after time, he jumped in and out of the pool, really savoring his favorite new thing. What would he do next?

Why, he took another lap, of course! Tripp maintained all the enthusiasm and energy he displayed as soon as he first hopped into the pool. And each time he stepped out of the water, he was right back in it in no time. He just loved the pool so much!

During one particular lap around the pool, he took an alternative route, electing to run behind the water first. The pure joy he was clearly feeling was enough to make you forget that huskies aren’t supposed to like the water!

Returning from the quick lap, Tripp once again changed his tactics. Instead of chomping at the refreshing water or splashing about, he immediately lied down. Was he tired? Or did he just want to feel cool water on his belly?

Like before, he could hardly contain his excitement. He really couldn’t sit still! This was his fourth time circling the pool, and just when you think he might have tired himself out, he was right back at it!

Tripp finally stopped moving, but it wasn’t until he’d fully showcased his joy. If only we could get so excited over a small kiddie pool! Clearly, this is one husky who was born to be a swimmer! You can watch the full video of Tripp’s hilarious dunk below…

A simple gift for this husky pup had him sprinting around with as much joy and excitement as a kid on Christmas morning. No one ever told Tripp he was supposed to hate water!

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