Husky Puppy Convinced He’s A Human Baby Actually Talks Like One Too

Any parent will tell you that toddlers are, more often than not, huge talkers. Even if they aren’t able to enunciate specific words exactly, most of them simply enjoy hearing the sound of their own voices—and they want you to enjoy it too!

Certain animals, such as parrots, can be just as vocal. They’re known to mimic human sounds, and it seems like they always want to have a conversation! However, there’s one unexpected pet in particular who might be even more talkative than any toddler or parrot you’ve ever seen…

When you think of talking animals, chances are you picture some friendly, furry sidekick from a Disney movie. But the truth is there are certain animals that are known to be incredibly vocal in real life!

Of course, there’s one animal in particular that everyone thinks of when they imagine chatty critters—the parrot! These pretty birds tend to reign supreme as being the conversationalists of the animal kingdom.

Some parrot breeds are remarkably adept at mastering speech. They’re able to mimic almost any sound they hear, and they can even perfectly replicate the human voice if they’ve had enough practice!

Although parrots are known for their entertaining banter, they aren’t the only animals out there capable of trying to compete with human beings in their preferred mode of communication. It turns out that huskies, of all things, are also quite vocal…

Huskies are beautiful dogs and they’re fiercely loyal, which make them wonderful pets and working dogs. But there’s there’s something about them most people don’t know—and if they did, they might think twice about adoption.

While they’re not big barkers, huskies do have a tendency to whine, howl, moan, and even chirp on occasion! It’s something that every husky can do, but few of them are as gifted as this one pup…

Kayla Cagnola wanted a dog for the longest time after her roommate (pictured) got a pooch of her own. Still, Kayla was unsure which breed she should get. She only knew that she wanted to adopt, and she figured the right dog would “pick” her.

Kayla visited shelter after shelter, and while she met lots of lovely dogs, none of them seemed to be the one for her. She just didn’t feel that connection… that is until she laid her eyes on one little husky. Suddenly, she was smitten.

Kayla brought the pup, whom she named Ramsey, home right away. Before even a day had passed, Kayla and Ramsey were joined at the hip! She fell in love with his precious smile and warm eyes.

But she quickly realized he had a whole talkative side to him that she didn’t see coming. As she didn’t have a lot of experience with puppies or huskies, Kayla had no clue how vocal the dog could be. That didn’t last long…

At first, Ramsey’s vocal skills completely surprised his owner. It all started when they had to stop him from eating another dog’s food: “When we told him to stop eating it that’s when he started ‘talking,'” explained Kayla. “I guess he was trying to tell us that he was mad at us for not letting him eat the other dog’s food!”

 Kayla first learned about her dog’s special gift when he was just eight weeks old, and he made sure to keep it going ever since! He grew into a beautiful husky… and he was just as talkative as he was when he was a puppy.

You’d think that Ramsey would’ve babbled less over the years, as humans tend to do. After all, once you learn how to use your voice, the next step is learning when not to use it! But apparently Ramsey never got that memo.

When a toddler first learns to vocalize words, all they want to do is hear the sound of their own voice. Ramsey might’ve been all grown up, but he still clearly got a tremendous kick out of acting silly and “talking” his heart out.

No matter how old he became, it seemed as if Ramsey would always have plenty to say! Could you imagine living with a dog who was able to clearly express his opinions? You’d never get anything done!

Ramsey really was quite the character. He simply loved to talk to anyone who was willing to listen to whatever was on his mind! And more often than not, people couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say…

Kayla was careful to mention, however, that having a “talking dog” wasn’t all a walk in the park. As adorable as Ramsey’s voice might’ve been, he did like to start trouble every once in a while—he simply couldn’t help it!

For instance, if Kayla stayed at work too long, he would often “yell” at her for leaving him alone! It’ was hard not to laugh at her beloved pooch when he was “lecturing” her, but she did her best. But that wasn’t all…

See, while huskies may be known for being vocal, Ramsey actually thought he was talking as if he was a person! It wasn’t just his “voice” that made him seem human; it was his facial expressions, too…

Why would anyone waste time on a parrot when they could adopt a lovable and talkative pooch like Ramsey? Talk about adorable! Just watch him as a puppy trying to “talk” to his human owner…

What a goofy dog! Kayla really hit the jackpot when she found Ramsey. Here’s hoping he keeps talking for years to come.

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