Shelter’s Mysterious ‘Bear Dog’ Is Unlike Anything People Have Ever Seen Before

It’s easy to fall in love with hybrid animals. They have pretty rare, one-of-a-kind features, after all. And hybrids like the “zorse” (zebra-horse) or “wolf-dog” (take a wild guess!) are often as cute as they are unique.

But it’s easy to forget the cruel practices that resulted in these hybrid species to begin with. For instance, the liger—a combination of two of nature’s most fearsome cats, the lion and the tiger—may have garnered interest all over the world, but it’s also raising some eyebrows for its unique birth defects.

Then there’s the hybrid that most recently turned up in Russia. The shelter that ended up caring for him was furious at the breeder who made him—and it’s for a very good reason!

If you’re interested in eye-popping, attention-grabbing animals, look no further than hybrids. While hybrid animals like this wolf-dog are a fascinating cross of two separate species, they also reveal a host of ethical problems.

mariomassone / Wikimedia

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