20 Not-So-Smart Pups Whose Regrettable Decisions Left Their Humans In Hysterics

Dog owners have a well of adjectives they dip into to describe their four-legged pals. When speaking publicly, they might say their pooch is loving, caring, and an extraordinarily good boy—just a ball of love and energy. But most dog owners could use another word to describe their canine buds…

Goofball. Derpy. Idiot—in the most loving way possible! Great as man’s best friend may be, they’re all liable to make some interesting decisions on the daily that would have any dog owner scratching his or her head. In fact, you won’t believe the strange and terrible decisions these 20 silly dogs made!

1. Can you blame this dog for wanting to curl up in a sun room hammock? Unfortunately, no one told her walking across a bed of ropes requires a little grace.

2. Maybe it was hot outside. Maybe the dog wanted to share his favorite activity with his favorite family. Either way, his owner probably didn’t have an indoor sprinkler on the top of their afternoon fun activities.

3. A man’s dog ran away from home, and, after spending hours looking for his beloved pooch, he came home to this! By the looks of it, the dog probably rang the doorbell three or four times while his owner was away.

4. With all the determination of a skilled mountain climber, this idiot dog wanted nothing more than to bring a massive stick inside. On that day, the inanimate deck proved his greatest adversary.

5. Looking for the family tabby serves as a hobby for derpy dogs everywhere, but this pooch must’ve napped through investigatory prowess class in dog school. Had he looked up, he might’ve given the cat a high-paw for upper-body strength.

6. How did this silly puppy get himself stuck so far up the fence? Did he climb up from the ground then surrender to the sweet relief of defeat halfway up? Or did he scamper down from above?

7. This dog ended up on the roof after he chased a cat out a second-story window. There, he realized heights kind of, sort of terrified him. No one knew how long he’d been up there before his owner calmed him down and brought him inside!

8. Staring out the front window into the outside world, dreaming of walks and watching the cars pass by must be the best life any pooch could live. So no one told this dog his window was actually just a painting—why ruin his day?

9. The saying goes, “monkey see, monkey do”, but you could easily substitute “idiot dog” for “monkey”. This pretty pooch saw two girls cartwheel, so she gave it a try. She did not stick the landing. Maybe next time.

10. Most dogs just pee on fire hydrants, but this idiot dog saw the device as a chance to prove his second-to-none balance by dominating a game of the grass is hot lava.

11. In the middle of a game of fetch, she went after a tennis ball, only to return not with the ball, but with a fat Idaho spud. Hey, at least she brought something back—that night’s dinner!

12. For hours, the dog whined at the door, wanting to lay on the cool kitchen tile. So that he learned problem-solving, his owners didn’t tell him the door impeding his path to relaxation was actually wide open.

13. If only we could say this dog possessed magical talents that allowed her to drink from water’s shadow. But she couldn’t. She simply, for a moment, failed to tell the difference between actual running water and a shadow. Hopefully she wasn’t too thirsty.

14. This pup wracked his brain endlessly for a way to capture the item of his desire—a bright green tennis ball. Like the dog stuck at the kitchen door, he eventually found sometimes the toughest problems can be solved by moving six inches to the right.

15. With a whole house full of carpet, cool tile, and—most likely—high-end dog beds, this girl found the toilet bowl to be the best place to lay down. Does a dog wet with toilet water smell especially bad?

16. Ol’ Sparky took a nap on the back patio. Then it rained. But, most impressively, he kept napping and napping and napping until a Sparky-shaped silhouette remained long after the rain stopped. If a dog can sleep through rain, he can sleep through anything.

17. The old joke among dog owners is that a good dog can love anyone, even the robber cleaning your house of any valuables. But dogs can love anything, too, as this dog befriended a brick as a pup and cherished the relationship into old age.

18. She loved her first time ever out on the boat, but this fearless, life-jacket-wearing pooch proved problematic for the boat’s driver, who, at high speeds, struggled to see through his happy dog’s midsection.

19. Searching the bottom of the box for the last root beer proved to be this idiot dog’s undoing: the box-headed golden retriever ended up quite literally box-headed.

20. These dogs’ owners invested in two beds: a big one for the big guy, and, obviously, a small one for the small guy. But intent means very little to idiot dogs, apparently.

These dogs may be lovely good girls and boys, but no doubt about it, they made some idiot decisions, too!

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