Terrifyingly Massive Lizard Greets His Owner Just Like A Dog Would

One of the joys of owning a pet is they're always happy to see you. Your animal doesn't care whether you've had a good or a bad day; they're just thrilled that you're home and paying attention to them.

Sure, dogs might have a reputation as the most welcoming pet, but other species are equally as enthused when we're around, even if they don't show it much.

Just take Dave Durham's pet, for instance. When he gets home from work and steps into the backyard, his special pet can't hide how glad he is to see him...

A great feeling of being a pet owner is knowing that, no matter what kind of day you've had and what mood you're in, they'll be excited to see you when you arrive home. They're just happy that you're there and they can spend time with you.
Of course, we typically see this the most with dogs. After all, they are the ones who run to the door to see you, jump on you to hug you when you enter, and sit on your lap and lick your face to show you how much they've missed you.
While it's understandable to think that this is a character trait specific to canines, the truth is that other pets exhibit this same excited behavior. In fact, a lot of species you might not think of like to show affection to their humans. Take, for instance, Dave Durham and his unusual pet...
When this man gets home from work each night, he always skips right past the living room and kitchen to head to his backyard. There, he can expect to be greeted by someone you'd likely never expect—his giant Cayman Brac iguana!