Newly Released Photos Of Steve Irwin’s Son Expose One Bewildering Detail About The Family

There’s so much pressure for kids to follow in the footsteps of their parents that it’s a miracle there aren’t more accountants out there (not that there’s anything wrong with being an accountant). But there’s one family out there who not only followed in the adventurous footsteps of their elders, but who managed to do so surrounded by cameras, paparazzi, and dangerous wildlife…

Since Steve Irwin’s death 13 years ago, his family has continued to entertain and educate the world about animals. But as the years have passed, something eerie has come to light: Steve Irwin’s legacy lives on in more ways than just his TV show. 

1. We don’t know what Steve was thinking when he met his newborn son, but we do know how proud he would be of how Robert has continued his legacy. And as the years have passed, Robert has brought Steve’s legacy into modern day…

Robert Irwin/Instagram

2. Not many people would voluntarily befriend a snake, but hey, that’s the Irwins for you. Here we see Steve and Robert getting cozy with two snakes, both of whom look practically identical — and we mean the snakes and the snake-handlers!

Robert Irwin/Instagram

3. Steve Irwin was known for his fearless approach with wildlife: No matter how sharp the claws, Steve would get up close and personal with the animal…and it seems his son has the very same instinct.

Robert Irwin/Instagram

4. Both Irwin fellows are petting these tigers like they’re house cats. We still can’t believe how fearless Robert is with this wild cat. Can you imagine being face to face with a wild cat at the ripe old age of ten? We didn’t think so.

Robert Irwin/Instagram

5. How cool is it that both Irwins cuddled a koala? Maybe it’s an Australian thing, but in these photos, it definitely looks like an Irwin thing. We have to admit, if there was a koala nearby, we’d be tempted to hug one, too.

Robert Irwin/Instagram

6. What else do Steve and Robert have in common? A soft-spot for bringing gigantic, life-threatening snakes on national television. Both animal enthusiasts showcased their python-holding skills on The Tonight Show…and someone close to them was struck by the similarities.

NY Daily News

7. Bindi Irwin saw their resemblance, and it apparently brought tears to her eyes. “Robert, you are more and more like Dad every day,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m forever thankful to be your sister.” We swear, we’re not crying!

NBC/The Tonight Show

8. How many people do you know who have snuggled up with a wombat? Steve Irwin has, and his affinity for the marsupials did not skip a generation. Here’s his son Robert looking just as comfortable with the creature as his dad!

Robert Irwin/Instagram

9. Robert definitely inherited his father’s ability to ham it up with potentially life-threatening creatures. Just like his dad, he can even pal around with a gigantic (to us, anyway) crocodile in front of a huge crowd!

Robert Irwin/Instagram

10. How many snakes do the Irwins have, anyway?! These pics of the famous father and son lounging around with snakes proves that these chill sessions have been happening for decades, and probably won’t end anytime soon.

Robert Irwin/Instagram

11. The Irwins definitely introduced their kids to their passion early in life, as evidenced by this photo. We don’t know many two year olds who would willingly pet a baby croc, but we’re grateful that Robert followed in his dad’s adventurous footsteps! 

Robert Irwin/Instagram

12. This photo is so Australian, we can’t even take it. Steve Irwin cradling a kangaroo is undeniably wholesome, and the only thing more adorable is his son Robert snuggling up with a newly-rehabilitated kangaroo. 

Robert Irwin/Instagram

13. Like mother, like father…like son? When your parents make it their mission to be best friends with a giant tortoise, you may feel pressured to do the same. But what if you and tortoises just don’t get along?

Robert Irwin/Instagram

14. Luckily, hanging out with tortoises appears to be one of Robert’s favorite pastimes. But we can’t help but wonder: Will Robert’s kid be just as gung-ho about animals? Until we find out, we’ll be staring at these adorable pics. 

Robert Irwin/Instagram

15. Look at the amazement on little Robert’s face! Whether it was fate or not, we can tell by his amazement that crocodile conservation was in his future. With a dad like Steve Irwin, how could it not be?

Robert Irwin/Instagram

16. Another snake, another normal day for the Irwin clan! If you weren’t convinced of the Irwins’ love for all things fanged and slithering, then these photos would do the trick. Is there a more iconic image than a snake wrapped around an Irwin? 

Robert Irwin/Instagram

17. This photo shows Steve Irwin in his natural habitat. Mere inches away from Murray the crocodile, he somehow educated the crowd about the “frogs with sharp teeth” while remaining cool, calm, and collected. Surely, this is a one-of-a-kind moment…

Robert Irwin/Instagram

18. Unless you’re Robert Irwin, that is. This stroll down memory lane proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, even when a toothy crocodile is involved! It’s the “same place, same croc…15 years apart” — we’re sure Steve would be proud.

Robert Irwin/Instagram

19. No, you’re not seeing double! We’re not the only ones who think Robert and Steve looked identical as kids. Robert himself wrote that he “actually thought it was a photo of [himself]” when he saw the vintage pic of his dad.

Robert Irwin/Instagram

20. Apparently, the photos made Robert proud to “carry on [Steve’s] legacy.” Thanks to Robert and the rest of the Irwin family, we’re all just as captivated by the beauty of wildlife as we were back when Steve was “The Crocodile Hunter.”

Robert Irwin/Instagram

Robert didn’t reignite our passion for wildlife conservation on his own. Before Robert was even in the picture, Bindi was everyone’s favorite animal-loving kid. The twenty-one year old has the same fiery, easy-to-love personality that her father had.


From before she could talk, the future conservationist was toddling after her energetic dad as he tussled around with creatures that would make an average joe pee their pants. Steve was the opposite of average.


Steve Irwin was The Crocodile Hunter, though he was less predator and more of a massive fanboy. He was a dedicated conservationist with a contagious infatuation for animals — the gnarlier the better. The world fell for his enthusiasm and quotable catchphrases.

Nova 96.9

Arm and arm with his wife Terri, they immersed themselves in conservation efforts. Quickly their television shows propelled Steve to household name status all over the world. They channeled their magnetic energy into the family business, Australia Zoo.

Yahoo Finance

Celebrity didn’t interest Steve unless he could use it to help and protect the creatures he loved so much. His authenticity was palpable — seen in his cries of “Crikey!” and willingness to wrestle with deadly animals. He had a singular focus, but it all shifted after having kids.

Straits Times

On July 24th, 1998, Steve and Terri welcomed their first child, a daughter they named after Steve’s favorite saltwater croc, Bindi. Holding his daughter brought forward a new motivation for the crocodile hunter. As he described it, Bindi was “the reason he was put on the Earth.”


A few years later, Terri and Steve had their son Robert. For Steve, sharing the joys of nature with his kids, watching their passions for animals blossom, that was as good as it could get…until it was tragically cut short.

Bindi Irwin / Instagram

While filming for the show Ocean’s Deadliest, Steve and his crew were just off the coast of Batt Reef in Queensland. Steve snorkeled in the shallows, capturing the rear view of a short tail stingray. It raised its barbed tail and struck Steve hundreds of times in mere seconds.


At first, it looked like Steve might be okay, but the barb had pierced his heart. They rushed him to the hospital where he died from blood loss. The shock was brutal. As the news swept the globe, everyone collectively mourned the ever-vivacious, brave, and seemingly invincible man — the Crocodile Hunter.

When Terri met Steve, her first impression was that he presented as a superhero. His loss sucked the wind out of their family. In their grief, they knew the world wanted to say goodbye, so after a private funeral, a public memorial service was held at Australia Zoo.

Huffpost Canada

Over 300 million people tuned in. Australian celebrities attended, like Russell Crowe, and there was even a remembrance from the Prime Minister. Still, the most tear-jerking moment was the eulogy delivered by little Bindi, who spoke about how much she would miss her greatest hero.

In her eulogy, Bindi set the tone for what they planned to do in Steve’s absence. The Irwins intended to continue inspiring others through conservation work and encouraging people to appreciate wildlife. They walked the walk. 

Bindi Irwin / Instagram

Terri picked up the torch and ran with it, expanding the exhibits at Australia Zoo. When not making plans to grow the attraction, Terri helmed their foundation, WildLife Warriors. Donations poured in after Steve’s death, allowing them to launch key research initiatives proudly represented by their new public face: Bindi.


The 8-year-old continued on as the onscreen talent in the family, starring in her own nature documentary show for children called Bindi The Jungle Girl. She inherited the natural charisma from Steve, leading to a slew of TV and film opportunities.


In 2015, Bindi joined the other celebrities competing on the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars. Week after week, Bindi showed off her prowess on the dance floor, occasionally honoring her father in the process. She snatched the victor’s title and many hearts, but there was only one heart she was interested in.

ET Online

It was an American professional wakeboarder named Chandler Powell that caught Bindi’s eye. While leading a tour of Australia Zoo, Bindi met Chandler and his family in 2013. They stayed in touch, swapping letters and phone calls until they made their relationship public in 2015.

One Country

Chandler made the transition to a mostly khaki lifestyle in 2018, moving across the world to work for Australia Zoo. By that point, he was already considered part of the Irwin family, though his dedication to wildlife conservation gave him the final stamp of approval.

Bindi Irwin / Instagram

On Bindi’s 21st birthday, Chandler got down on one knee and asked if she’d be his croc wrestling partner for life. She said, yes! Chandler certainly knew the way to her heart, by popping the question in the gardens of Australia Zoo, with Robert hiding in the bushes to snap pictures.

Bindi Irwin / Instagram

Working Robert into the proposal meant the world to Bindi. The tight knit Irwins learned to appreciate the moments they got together, never forgetting that Steve wasn’t there to witness them, too. Bindi posted a slew of engagement photos in celebration, and one brought the feels back to the surface.

She penned an open letter to her father. Rather than raking through the what-ifs and the should-ofs, Bindi wrote about how proud her dad would be of her brother Robert. “He’s always stepped up and been the one to give me a hug when I need it and encourage me forward in life.”

Bindi Irwin / Instagram

So it made sense that he was the only person capable of filling her father’s shoes on her big day. Bindi wrote, “He will definitely be the one to walk me down the aisle….And I think that’s what Dad would have wanted as well.” Crikey, mate. Where’re the tissues?

Entertainment Tonight

There’s no doubt that Steve would be incredibly proud of Robert and Bindi. He was known to gush about how transformative becoming a father was for his life, and knowing his children continued with his work in conservation, by his own admission, was his greatest dream.

Steve Irwin remains one of the most famous wildlife conservationists of all time, yet his tragic death serves as an example of how dangerous the work can be. For the most experienced handlers, engaging with wild animals can switch from cozy to imminent death, instantly.

South Africa People News

As a zookeeper in South Africa, Kevin Richardson is no stranger to interacting with some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. A self-taught expert, he’s done everything in his power to educate himself on the proper way to handle big cats and wild animals.

Yet, everyone makes mistakes at their job now and again, and sometimes those mistakes can lead to dire consequences. Such was certainly the case for Kevin when he recently came upon a lioness and her cubs and decided to stick around to try and play.

After setting up his camera to capture the moment, Kevin quietly walked over in an attempt to pick up one of the adorable lion cubs. Just as he sat down to play with the baby, the lioness picked up on what he was doing…

Just then, the mother instinctively jumped up once she saw that Kevin was holding her cub. While the unassuming zookeeper held the baby animal, the lioness made her move—and jumped on top of him!

Kevin wrapped his arms around her in an attempt to protect his face. The lioness was incredibly heavy, and she could slash him into bits with just one swift strike with her paw…

Luckily, she didn’t want to harm Kevin at all! See, Kevin had visited her all throughout her pregnancy, and the two were well-acquainted. She simply wanted to play! Still, Kevin was well-aware of the risks he took every time he came face to face with the big cats.

“Usually when I come in here, I first greet mom to see how she is,” Kevin said while the lioness sat at his feet. “She talks back, and I have a little bit of fun with her.” This certainly explained why they were so close!

Kevin was also sure to mention how important it was for the lioness to feel comfortable with him before he was able to play with her cubs. “After I’ve made an introduction with her on a daily basis, I get a bit closer to the cubs,” he said.

As the self-proclaimed “Lion Whisperer,” this was all in a day’s work for Kevin. In one video, he could be seen gently stroking one of the cub’s faces. He explained that it was unusual for humans to be allowed to interact with baby lions like this.

Even with all his experience, Kevin had to be careful; there was simply no way to predict how the lioness would react to his presence. “Not many people get to see cubs this size, never mind, interact with them,” he said.

During sessions like these, Kevin and the other zookeepers managed to learn a lot about the cubs. From the way they interacted with him to the way they played with each other, all of this information would help people learn more about these animals.

Kevin and other researchers also learned how best to approach other lions at facilities around the world. In a field that can be extremely dangerous, they knew it was imperative to have as much experience and wisdom as they could.

For instance, when it was feeding time, Kevin knew not to overstay his welcome. He would help gather the cubs and bring them to the lioness to let her know that he was not going to hurt them.

Whenever the cubs were feeding, Kevin and the other zookeepers made sure to separate the lioness from the rest of the pride. This allowed her to feel safe and have her own space with her cubs, just like in the wild.

If they weren’t separated, Kevin said the rest of the pride would think it was okay to rough around and play with each other, instead of allowing the cubs to get their nutrition. That, of course, would all change as the cubs continued to grow.

Once the cubs were eight weeks old, they could be integrated with the rest of the pride. Research suggested that, by that point, they’d be strong enough to handle playing with the larger lions.

This made Kevin’s ability to interact with the cubs all the more special. The pride’s father wasn’t even able to spend time with them—besides through a fence—for another few weeks. It was as if Kevin had a VIP backstage pass to the rest of the family!

Of course, with all the time Kevin spent with the family, he was sure to form a tight bond with the lioness. In fact, if he became tuckered out after playing for a few hours, he’d even lie down to nap under her watchful eye!

Being a mother was difficult and tiring, so every once in a while, the lioness would even lie down for a nap with her cubs and Kevin, too! It just proved that the man and the animals had a special bond like no other.

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