Jack Nicholson’s Estranged Daughter Opened Up About Her Wild Childhood

Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson has previously maintained that he’s a dad to five adult kids. Their names are Caleb, Honey, Sandra, Ray, and Lorraine, with the last two sharing the same mom. But there’s another child Nicholson has stayed quiet about: Tessa Gourin. And now Tessa, who bears an undeniable resemblance to the famed actor, is finally speaking out.

Meeting Gourin

Born in 1994 Gourin is the youngest of Nicholson’s kids and currently resides in East Village, New York. She called Manhattan home throughout her childhood, living in a small apartment alongside her mom and half-brother. As for her dad, he was nowhere to be seen, although he did help pay for her schooling. So what was life like for Gourin growing up?

“Home life wasn’t great”

Well, Gourin went into more detail during an interview with The Daily Beast website in February 2023. She said, “Look, I was raised by a single mother in a really intense, nuanced situation. I grew up in private schools, which I’m appreciative of, but my home life wasn’t great, so I don’t feel as though I really even got the full benefit of a good education.”

“All over the place”

“I was so all over the place with processing my life,” Gourin continued. “I was acting out. But granted, I’m not saying, ‘Poor me, I grew up so poor.’ I was completely fine. My mother indulged me.” While Gourin’s mom did her best to pamper her, though, she made one thing clear to her daughter — and it related to Nicholson.

Keeping a secret

Touching on that, Gourin drew a comparison to one of her favorite musicals. She noted, “From a very young age, my mother told me not to tell anyone that I have this famous dad. I knew he was powerful and Daddy Warbucks-level rich, so I kind of equated my life to being like orphan Annie’s.”