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Jane Fonda Opened Up About Motherhood, Saying She ‘Just Didn’t Know How To Do It’

As part of one of the world’s most famous acting dynasties, Jane Fonda is bona fide Hollywood royalty. She’s been in the movie business for over six decades now, and in that time we’ve seen her shine in everything from iconic comedies to Oscar-winning dramas. As well as being a star, though, the esteemed actress is also a mom. And while Jane has enjoyed an incredibly successful career, she harbors regrets when it comes to her children. In fact, in a recent interview, Jane spoke out about exactly how she's fared as a mom.

Jane’s three children

Jane has three adult kids from two past marriages, to moviemaker Roger Vadim and politician Tom Hayden. Their names are Vanessa Vadim, Troy Garity, and Mary Williams, respectively, the last of whom was “unofficially adopted” by the actress. The trio have followed in their mother’s footsteps in different ways over the years, taking an interest in entertainment and social activism.

Meeting Vanessa, Jane's eldest

Vanessa has dipped her toes into both of those worlds as the years have passed. Most recently, she helped with the making of a 2018 documentary about her famous mom: Jane Fonda in Five Acts. Vanessa is also a staunch campaigner, with the actress’ daughter joining the “Fire Drill Fridays” demonstrations in Washington, DC in 2019. Jane and Mary were often by her side, too!

Mary’s hard work

Speaking of Mary, let’s focus on her next. Much like her adoptive sister, she puts a lot of time into being an activist. To give you an example, one of her biggest focuses has been to help people who’ve fled Sudan. On top of that, Mary’s an author as well, writing 2013’s The Lost Daughter: A Memoir, which details her early life experiences.

Troy’s acting

As for Troy, he’s been making his way as an actor for much of his life. His last role came in the 2021 TV show On the Verge, appearing in all 12 episodes. He currently has 49 career credits to his name, which isn’t too shabby! And it shows that the Fonda acting dynasty isn’t coming to an end just yet.