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NFL Star Travis Kelce Broke Down In Tears Talking About His Mom

All eyes were on Travis Kelce at the Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24 amidst insistent rumors that the tight end is dating Taylor Swift. The pop star was spotted in a private room at the Kansas stadium along with Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce. And at the Super Bowl, all eyes had been on Travis and his mom, too. In fact, her actions ended up making her a star in her own right. And in the aftermath of the game, when Travis and his bother, Jason, discussed what their mom had done, they struggled to hold back the tears.

The “Kelce Bowl”

It’s fair to say that the build-up to 2023’s big game was unique. After all, once it became clear that Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs and Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles were set to clash, the event took on a new moniker. Yep, it was soon referred to as the “Kelce Bowl”! Which other players can boast that claim?

An impossible choice

But while Jason and Travis were on course to make history, an intriguing question emerged. Who would their family be supporting on the big day? Could their mom back one son over the other? Donna was in an unenviable position, to say the least! Mind you, no matter the internal strife, her pride was clear for all to see going into the game. This was the culmination of years of hard work.

Competitive edge

Alongside her husband Ed, Donna had raised Travis and Jason in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, with both brothers showing an interest in sport from an early age. Yes, from basketball to wrestling, they couldn’t get enough. Plus, the pair both possessed the competitive edge that would ultimately lead to their respective success as adults. The Kelce boys needed to beat each other whenever they faced off.

Focusing on football

And while the duo tried their hand at a whole range of different sports, Jason and Travis began to zone in on football as they got older. The former started out as a running back on the field, while the latter saw himself as a quarterback. That all changed when the brothers bagged positions at the University of Cincinnati, though.