Woman Gets Kitten That Won’t Stop Growing, Then People Question If He’s Even A Cat

Stary Oskol is a little-known Russian town with a growing claim to fame: its hairiest inhabitant, Kefir. His human, Yulia Minina, got him as a tiny kitten — at least, that’s what she thought — less than two years ago. Now Kefir is a huge bundle of fur that weighs more than a small child, and he’s still getting bigger! But the question is, what exactly is Kefir? And how large can we expect him to get?


That’s probably a question Yulia wondered herself as she watched her fur-baby grow into the titan he is today. It’s not like she was a stranger to animals before getting Kefir. Her Instagram feed shows a passion for all kinds of critters, not just the fluffy ones. Yulia seems totally unbiased in her fascination with the animal kingdom.

Animal lover

Yulia has several pictures of herself with various animal friends, including a lizard, a fish — which, according to the comments, is a rather large aquarium dweller called Pavlik — and birds. But if one thing reveals her true love, it’s the animal decal in her car window. You guessed it, it’s a cat! Okay, a rather rude and angry-looking one, but a cat nevertheless.

Bundle of joy

Who would have thought that when Yulia got her own cat, it would cause such a stir, though? She certainly didn’t when she went to the cattery to get the new addition to her family. She picked out a small bundle of joy with snow-white fur. In fact, that was the reason he caught her attention. And it was the source of his name.

Big star

Kefir is a type of milk-based yogurt drink that shares its white color with Yulia’s cat. So she named him Kefir, too, and took him home. From there, it turned out that as Kefir got older, he would become a really big star — literally! His growth didn’t just shock the entire household but the wider public, too. Now Yulia’s living with a monster meow-er.