Man Risks His Life To Save Kittens Caught In A Deadly Oil Pipeline Explosion

It’s a sad reality that the transportation of oil often times comes at a high cost for the environment. Oil spills are a major cause of pollution around our planet; unfortunately, our soil and waterways aren’t the only things that are affected.

When an oil spill occurs in water, the thick substance creates a slick coating on the surface that traps marine animals beneath it. If they try to emerge from the water, they’ll become covered in oil. So when an oil pipeline ruptured in Nefteyugansk, Russia, recently, it devastated the surrounding communities, causing many people to flee their homes.

That’s when Anatoly Tuptey decided he had to help those who couldn’t help themselves…

Oil might make the world go ’round, but transporting it can lead to some enormous disaster scenarios with repercussions that are felt for generations. When a tanker spills, ensuing oil floods can affect the water, land, plants, and animals around it.

The Siberian Times

Recently, a ruptured pipeline caused major devastation in the community of Nefteyugansk, Russia. The oil spill not only affected drinking water in the area, but it also flooded the streets and caused many people to abandon their homes.

The Siberian Times

Local resident Anatoly Tuptey was one of many people who volunteered to help clear oil from the town. While out cleaning one day, he heard soft cries coming from the distance. “My soul could not stand the cries, I went to see,” Anatoly said in an interview about the oil spill. “You never know what is going on, I had to check.”

The Siberian Times

Anatoly waded out into the oil and what he saw was heartbreaking: “In the flooded house a wooden board was floating,” he said, “with these two kittens clinging on for their lives with their paws. One was up to its neck in the oil.”

Kenner / Wikimedia

“Without hesitation I went after them,” Anatoly said. Clearly, he placed the lives of these two little kittens high above his own comfort. “I was up to my waist in the oil. The ground was giving way, my wading boots were full of water mixed with oil, but I didn’t care.”

The Siberian Times

Though the oil was surely toxic, Anatoly was no stranger to harrowing rescue situations. “A few days earlier I rescued people and equipment when a boat overturned,” he added as an example. But would he be able to save these kittens in time?

thetruthdenied / flickr

With the ground giving out, Anatoly had to work quickly. “I was rushing to save the kittens.” he said. Finally, he reached the floating board the kittens were clinging to. “I picked them up, hugged them, and carried them to the shore.” Still, the kittens were in serious trouble…

The Siberian Times

Both of the the cats’ coats were covered in thick oil, and the water had been freezing cold. Once he’d reached the shore, Anatoly wrapped the kittens in his shirt to keep them warm. He also tried to wash the oil from their fur.

The Siberian Times

Anatoly brought the kittens home and gave them a more thorough cleaning. Miraculously, they suffered no serious injuries, though it could’ve been much worse had they been out there any longer. Both were expected to make a full recovery. In fact, this one little kitten—whom Anatoly named Baywatch—cleaned up pretty well!

The Siberian Times

Once safe and recovered at Anatoly’s house, the kittens made some friends—like Anatoly’s dog! Even a traumatic experience like nearly drowning in an oil spill couldn’t keep these kittens sidelined for long.

The Siberian Times

 Anatoly said the people who’d abandoned their kittens in the oil spill must have been “heartless,” but lucky for these two kittens, Anatoly’s heart was big. Thanks to efforts by him and other volunteers, the spill never reached the main river, which would have spread the oil even further and endangered more planets and animals. Good job, Anatoly!

The Siberian Times

Luckily, Anatoly was able to give those poor kittens the help they needed. If it weren’t for him, who knows what would’ve happened?

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