This Dog Swims Out Into The Ocean Every Day To Meet His Secret Best Friend

If you frequently travel, then you know how many wonderful places there are in the world to see. Submerging yourself in another culture is a fantastic learning experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life... and that's exactly why you need to take a trip to Tory Island.

Tory Island is located off the northwest coast of Ireland—and it looks like something out of a fantasy novel. Within its confines are lush green fields, centuries-old structures, and gorgeous landmarks of mythological origin that you need to see to believe.

Living among the residents of Tory is Ben, a happy little Labrador who just so happens to be the island's unofficial mascot. Yet, just like Tory itself, there's nothing "ordinary" about Ben. That's because he does something every day that's highly unusual... and puts a smile on everyone's face.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in the world. If you travel often, you've probably been to several of them already. But have you ever taken a trip to Tory Island off the coast of Ireland? This incredible place is something straight out of a movie.
What makes Tory Island all the more special are the residents who live there—including one amazing dog named Ben. Ben is a friendly Labrador retriever who has become the island's unofficial mascot, and the people of Tory Island couldn't be prouder.
Ben has quite the interesting daily routine. Not only is he the mascot for the entire island, but every morning after he wakes up, he excitedly runs through town and makes his way down to the local harbor. Labrador retrievers are bred to be water dogs, after all, but what Ben's after isn't any ordinary swim...
Once Ben reaches the water's edge, he leaps in without hesitation! He starts to swim out to the middle of the water seemingly in search of something. What exactly is Ben looking for every morning? It seems that the only thing this harbor contains are fishing boats...