20 Incredibly Lazy Pets Who Took Relaxation To Impossible Levels

If you’ve ever had a pet, you know they’re extremely talented when it comes to sleeping. And it’s not just how long they snooze that’s impressive. Most of our animals dominate the sleeping game by catching a few z’s whenever and wherever they feel like it.

A few of these critters go above and beyond in their duties to do positively nothing all day. They’re all way too lazy to be Lassie, so just don’t expect any of them to save you from a well!

1. There isn’t any kind of award for ‘”Heaviest Sleepier,” but this cat would certainly win it if there were! Her owner stacked all kinds of doodads on top of her, and somehow she seems even more comfortable than before.

YouTube / ronca28

2. Marathon runners tend to hit the wall around 20 miles into a race. This puppy, on the other hand, hit the wall just a few yards away from his front door. By the looks of it, she’ll be all set to resume her walk after a quick two-hour nap.

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3. When it comes to bus seats and park benches, we all hope and pray no strangers sit next to us. One feline solved this issue simply by stretching out as far as possible across her bench. Good luck trying to fit anyone else on there!


4. If you looked up “beach bum” in the dictionary — we know it’s probably not in there, but stay with us — you’d likely find a picture of this delighted corgi. He couldn’t be any happier to be buried in the sand, though he’s bound to get some interesting tan lines!

5. Just about everybody struggles to wake up in the morning, but one canine has a little extra trouble. He’s so worn out he won’t even come out from under the covers! Hopefully he’s not a service dog because he is NOT making it into work on time.

6. If you’ve ever seen a cat asleep in a cardboard box, you know they’re experts at taking our trash and making them into treasures. This kitty takes that skill to the next level, as it’s repurposed a whole watermelon rind as a comfy egg chair. That’s the kind of thing that would cost you a fortune at Ikea.

7. Sometimes the littlest pets can be the laziest. Take, for instance, this sugar glider, which is perfectly content to just tag along in its owner’s pocket. Based on its total lack of energy, maybe they should rename it a sugar-free glider.

Twitter / Jess Clark

8. Not every book can be a bestseller. This paperback was dull enough to knock its corgi reader out cold. Oh well — he can always just catch the movie version whenever that comes out.

9. Drinking water just takes so much energy. This cat figures maybe if he dips his paw into his water bowl, he can suck it up like a plant. On the other hand, maybe another cat is pranking him during a sleepover.

YouTube / CrazyFunnyStuffCFS

10. Behold, the true hide-and-seek master! This corgi ingeniously flipped over, tucked in her legs, and transformed into a throw pillow. Her friends, meanwhile, have absolutely no idea where she ended up.

Ground Zero

11. On certain days, it’s hard to work up the motivation to exercise. This cat will surely get to her intense treadmill workout eventually. For now, though, it looks like she’s skipping leg day. And back day. And abs day. And — you get the idea.

12. Sweet dreams are made of treats. Who are we to disagree? This adorable dog truly has it made. As soon as he wakes up from his nap — which lasts as long as he wants — he can dig into the feast of his life!

13. Look, we’ve all fallen asleep in front of the fridge once or twice. For some of us, that’s just another Friday night. Even so, all the fridge raiders out there have to give major kudos to this pup who flat out refuses to budge, unless someone does it for him.

14. There’s nothing like a warm bath to help you unwind. However, this Golden Retriever looks a little too unwound. All that’s missing from this luxurious setup are a few Jacuzzi jets to get the water bubbling.

15. Some days you’re just too wiped out to get any work done. Cats sleep as many as 16 hours per day, which makes it especially hard for them to pull a full shift. On top of that, they aren’t very big fans of coffee.

16. They say it’s never a good idea to have a pet like a lizard or a bird when you’ve already got a cat since a feline’s hunting instincts are superlative. Of course those rules go out the window when your super-hunter of a pet is also too lazy to be bothered to do much more than stare. 

17. Dogs have their own special way of communicating. We’ve all seen them wag their tails when they’re happy, or bare their teeth when threatened. But this pooch got extremely creative and showed just how low on energy he was by using a turtle as a pillow.

18. For some dogs, regular beds and sofas just don’t make the cut. This pup came across a pool raft and comfortably floated the day away like a movie star. Who knew raft cup holders were the perfect size for paws?

19. Looking for an easy way to scratch your back in all those hard-to-reach places? Don’t blow your money on some overpriced backscratcher. Instead, follow this clever cat’s example and have a friend slide you along the living room rug.

20. Dogs love walks, but on occasion, the walking gets in the way. Luckily, canines can get the full rush out of a stroll simply by perching on their owners! Not only does it provide a great view, but the human also gets a fantastic neck and shoulder workout, so the arrangement really benefits everybody.

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