He Approached A Vicious Leopard Seal Very Carefully, And What Happened Is Impossible To Believe.

When National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen was assigned to go to Antarctica to photograph leopard seals, he was understandably nervous. Not only are these skilled hunters one of the largest species of seal in the world, they’ve been known to attack people with their sharp teeth and massive, powerful jaws. Swimming with them didn’t exactly sound inviting.

But when Paul finally got in the water, he was greeted by something he never could have expected.

“I slipped into the water, terrified of what might happen, and I swam up to this leopard seal… My legs were shaking, I had dry mouth…”

penguin-feeder-1National Geographic

“She took my whole head and my camera inside her mouth and did this threat displays…But then the most amazing thing happened…”

penguin-feeder-2National Geographic

“She went off and got me a live penguin, and she came up and started to feed me a penguin.”

penguin-feeder-3National Geographic

“And right away she dropped the penguin. She came up to me and she opened her mouth…and her head is twice as wide as a grizzly bear’s the head. Just huge.”

penguin-feeder-4National Geographic

“She kept letting these live penguins go and the penguin would shoot past me and she’d look disgusted as she’d go by me. She did this over and over…”

penguin-feeder-5National Geographic

“She started to bring me weak penguins, then dead penguins, then she showed me how to eat penguins. She would offer me partially consumed penguins.”

penguin-feeder-6National Geographic

“She started to take penguins and actually push them into my camera. I think she thought the camera was my mouth, which is every photographer’s dream. This went on for four days.”

penguin-feeder-7National Geographic

“And then I think she realized that I was this useless predator in her ocean, probably going to starve to death and I think she became quite panicked…”

penguin-feeder-8National Geographic

“So, here I came to Antarctica, to photograph this potentially vicious animal, to have this predator, this top predator in Antarctica, take care of me, and nurture me, and feed me for four days straight.”

penguin-feeder-9National Geographic

“It was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had as a National Geographic photographer.”

penguin-feeder-10National Geographic

Nature truly never ceases to amaze us! What an amazing story.

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