Dog Minding His Own Business Is About To Get The Surprise Of His Life

As a kid, it could be pretty hilarious to sneak up on a person and give them a good scare. Well, it turns out that form of surprise entertainment isn’t limited to only humans.

Few are more aware of this than one particular dog who had the fright of his life recently… He wasn’t scaring anyone—he was the one getting scared! Luckily, this hilarious encounter was captured recently at the Cornellskop Animal Training Farm in Cape Town, South Africa.

Just wait until you see the look on the dog’s face when he noticed what was behind him…

On the Western Cape of South Africa, the Cornellskop Animal Training Farm offers visitors up-close encounters with wild animals. Anyone lucky enough to travel there is sure to witness all kinds of amazing moments.

Still, few moments were as memorable as the one the was recently captured on camera there. Even amongst the remarkable wildlife, one particular encounter was sure to stick out from the rest, and it was even cuter than you could imagine…

It all began when this adorable lion cub started sneaking up on an unsuspecting border collie. As the cub crept around the corner, the person taking the video keyed in on the dog, who had no idea what was about to happen…

In the video, the small lion cub can be seen slinking around the corner of the building. He was clearly working on his hunting skills, while two dogs stood guard at the front of the tiny cottage.

At first, you might wonder exactly what it was that this lion cub was attempting to do with his hunting skills. Then, as you realize the two dogs might be his victims, you can’t help but be overcome with a sense of unease…

One dog, who clearly wasn’t so easily startled, decided to calmly walk away. The other, more unassuming dog, had no idea what was about to hit him. Regardless, he was about to find out. Just wait and see what this little lion cub did next..

As the lion club inched closer and closer to the dog, it’s clear that the poor pooch was a perfect mark. Luckily, for his sake, the little guy had no intentions of making a meal of him… Because the dog never saw it coming!

Nevertheless, as you may remember from childhood, it’s always scary when someone creeps up on you. Even if their intentions are good. When the dog finally turned his head and noticed his pal snuck up on him, it’s understandable why he was so scared!

Can you blame him? It’s pretty scary to think how quickly he could’ve fallen victim, had this been an animal interaction out in the South African wilderness. The full video is really hysterical.

Good thing for this unassuming border collie that he has a lion cub friend that enjoys playing with him. Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll get around to teaching his pal to creep up on his friends and give them a good scare, too. 

You could almost feel bad for laughing at the poor dog… Almost! Seriously though, this is so adorable.

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