Lion Handler Trying To Deliver An Important Message Realizes His Friend Has Other Plans

There’s nothing more frustrating than a one-sided conversation with a friend where you just can’t seem to get a word in. Just ask the “lion whisperer” Kevin Richardson.

Kevin earned his title because he has such a special connection to lions and other carnivorous mammals. Yet, for as positive as his interactions with these animals can be, even he has moments of frustration while working with them!

The conservationist was trying to film an important message about how lions are being pushed out of their natural habitat… until someone in the video wanted to speak their mind first!

South Africa-based activist Kevin Richardson is known as the “lion whisperer” for his extraordinary ability to develop trust and strong relationships with the majestic kings and queens of the jungle.

Tim Noonan / YouTube

Lions may be the animals that Kevin is most often associated with, but as an animal behaviorist, he’s passionate about many other similarly carnivorous large mammals, including hyenas and jaguars.

Fabricio Bressan / YouTube

That’s why Kevin founded the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, which is designed especially for carnivores. It aims not just to protect these special creatures, but to educate people and raise awareness.

The Lion Whisperer / YouTube

Still, Kevin can’t do his important work alone. He uses his YouTube channel to share the foundation’s mission with people all over the world. In one video, he decided to explain the problem of depleting habitats while sitting alongside one of his lion friends, Tau.

This is an all-too-real problem for lions and many other animals, but there was a major problem when Kevin started recording and talking about the issue: Tau the lion wouldn’t stop interrupting him!

One would think that, since Kevin was talking about protecting animals like his big friend on the right, he’d be allowed to use his unique platform to say as much as possible. Still, Tau had other plans…

Instead, this loudmouthed lion could barely let Kevin get a word in edgewise! Apparently, just like with humans, even lions can have that one friend that can’t stand seeing someone else dominate a conversation.

That being said, maybe Tau was just trying to add his unique perspective to the conversation! Perhaps all that roaring actually meant, “Kevin is right! We lions are very concerned that we may soon have nowhere left to live.”

In order to really appreciate just how hilarious this moment is, you’re definitely going to have to watch the scene unfold for yourself. Keep an eye on Kevin’s frustrated face as he keeps getting interrupted!

Let’s not forget the importance of what Kevin was actually trying to say, but the fact that Tau displayed so much personality further proves how special these animals really are. We all know how it feels to get interrupted during an important conversation!

That’s too funny! As if the roaring weren’t distracting enough, both lions also seem to be in quite the playful mood…

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