Baby German Shepherd With Just One Year Left To Live Gets A Twist No One Saw Coming

In a perfect world, our dogs, cats, or other pets would live long and healthy lives, free of serious medical issues or birth defects. Unfortunately, our innocent little animal friends don’t always all live out trouble-free lives, and the most we can ever do is help them cope with their issues as comfortably as possible.

When workers at a Washington animal rescue learned about a German Shepherd puppy named Logan’s serious medical issue, they knew without a quick intervention he wouldn’t live much longer. So, his foster caregiver did something quite unconventional to bring up his moral and give him a chance…

Everyone at the Washington animal rescue loved Logan, a German Shepherd puppy who stole their hearts with his cuteness. It wasn’t just the employees at the rescue shelter who loved him either.

He was a popular guy all over town, as well! When workers from the shelter took him out for walks, kids and adults alike stopped to shower him with love. There really was no other dog like Logan.

Every so often, just like with every other animal at the shelter, Logan would receive check-ups to ensure he was healthy. During one of his examinations, however, Logan’s results revealed a heartbreaking truth.

It turned out Logan had a severe heart defect, and without immediate help, he wouldn’t survive much longer. The animal rescue didn’t have the means to help, so Logan was sent off in the hopes someone else could.

The puppy was sent to a place called Rescue Hearts Northwest in Ferndale, Washington. The doctors there had plenty of experience with emergency medical procedures, and they could administer the appropriate tests.

Shortly after arriving, Logan was placed under anesthesia to figure out the full extent of his heart issue. Logan’s echocardiogram showed two faulty valves. Saving the pup’s life wasn’t going to be easy…

You see, Logan’s caregiver, Lindie Saenz, was told he had anywhere from one month to one year left if his valves weren’t fixed. This heartbreaking news kickstarted a mission in Lindie’s life: show Logan as much of the world as possible prior to his surgery.

Lindie took him all over Washington to visit state parks and run around through all the gorgeous scenery. Just like at his original rescue shelter, Logan met lots of people on his trips who were smitten with the little guy.

Traveling with Logan wasn’t the only thing Lindie did to raise the pup’s spirits. She made sure to buy him whatever doggy toys he set his eyes on when they went shopping. But, that still wasn’t the best thing of all.

Lindie made sure Logan ate whatever his little puppy heart desired. No more kibbles for this guy; Logan feasted on delicious human food like cheeseburgers and ate cups of ice cream for dessert.

Logan’s story started spreading quickly. People couldn’t help but fall in love with the little puppy whose life was at risk. Logan and Lindie were even invited onto a daytime talk show to discuss his new adventurous life.

This broadcasted Logan’s story to everyone watching, and suddenly people from all over wanted to help in any way they could. So, Lindie came up with a unique idea she thought Logan would love.

She created a Facebook event called “Hugs for Logan” where people could not only meet the precious pup but have their photos taken with him and shower him with hugs. Lindie figured all the emotional support and positive energy would do Logan wonders. 

The turnout was incredible. The original goal was to land Logan a minimum of 100 hugs, but when over 200 people showed up with outstretched arms to cradle the pup, Lindie was blown away.

Not only did fans from around the area show up to offer their energy and support, but some actually made the drive over state lines to see him. This couple made the trek from Oregon to cuddle the pooch. The event was incredible, but not as incredible as what happened next…

Rescue Hearts received an email from a doctor named Brian Scansen from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital saying he could, in fact, fix Logan’s defective heart valve if they could get the dog to Colorado.

Rescue Hearts miraculously raised enough money quickly to fly Logan out along with Lindie. The team at the university’s veterinarian hospital was fantastic, but they ran into a huge problem: they couldn’t get the catheter to fit into Logan’s defective valve. The puppy would have to wait.

A GoFundMe page was created for Logan with a goal of $60,000 for the intensive surgery. Just over $45,000 was raised, and after several months of anxious waiting, Logan finally went in for his open heart surgery while everyone, especially Lindie, held their breath.

A talented team of doctors worked for hours trying to repair three different defects. Heartbreakingly, however, they couldn’t safely remove him from the heart-lung machine afterward, and Logan passed away after the surgery was complete. 

As you can imagine, Lindie, the Rescue Hearts employees, and everyone else who followed Logan on his journey were devastated. But, the doctors did everything they could, and for that, his loyal supporters could remain thankful.

The truth is, no one really knows what will happen when you reach out to try and help a wild creature. However, were a woman named Mary and her three daughters to let that discourage them, they might not have accomplished their incredible feat.

PAWsitive / YouTube

See, the family got involved with their local animal shelter after moving to Ankara, Turkey. It was so overrun that at one point there were over 4,000 dogs in need of medical care, food, shelter, and love. The shelter workers just couldn’t keep up.


So Mary and her two daughters started bringing food to help the dogs who needed it the most. They loved playing a part in the dogs’ lives, but it was heartbreaking to know that some of them would pass away in such an uncomfortable setting.

3-faith-the-puppyRumble / PAWsitive

Mary decided she wanted to adopt the shelter dogs who were dying so that they could have the most comforting and loving end to their lives. This decision was one that changed her family’s life forever — and in an unexpected way.

Faith was one of three puppies in a litter the family took home. Sadly, the first two passed away shortly after they arrived. Given that Faith was the smallest puppy in her litter, the family prepared themselves for Faith’s likely fate.

Sure enough, Faith struggled immensely the first few days away from the shelter. She could barely walk because her legs were so weak, and she was suffering from distemper, a viral disease that affects many animals including dogs.

2-faith-the-puppyRumble / PAWsitive

Distemper affects many vital systems in a dog like the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems. The final stages of distemper affect the spinal cord, and it can cause seizures and loss of coordination. Life at the shelter and the disease really affected Faith.

In fact, Faith was so weak that she seldom, if ever, left the box she had been brought to her new home in. She seemed so sick that she didn’t want to do anything other than to observe what was happening from the safety and security of her box.

And yet, for reasons they couldn’t explain, the family started to fall for little Faith. She wasn’t the biggest or the healthiest puppy, and they knew she didn’t have long to live, but she was winning them over.

Nobody expected her to survive, but they were going to make her as comfortable as they possibly could anyway. The family could sense that she had a warm personality and loved affection. She closed her eyes when they stroked her fur and took in each and every second of it.

One day, the family brought Faith to the vet to have her distemper evaluated. The vet wasn’t sure if Faith was strong enough to survive any treatment, but he felt it was worth trying. Mary wanted to do anything possible to help Faith.


“Once we took her out of there and took her to our vet, they started care for the distemper,” Mary recalled. “Once she was eating regularly, she just started improving, and we took her home.”

Faith needed to be quarantined from Mary’s other three chihuahuas even though they’d been vaccinated prior. The virus was still extremely dangerous and needed to be completely taken care of before introducing Faith to other animals.


Mary’s daughter’s room became Faith’s “hospital room.” Faith was in good hands because it was her daughter that first laid eyes on Faith and knew she wanted to help comfort this little pup.

Britt & Co

Even though they saw signs of improvement in Faith, the first month was touch and go. They only thing they could do was pray that the treatment was working and that Faith had enough fight left in her.

1-faith-the-puppyRumble / PAWsitive

A month passed and Faith seemed to have made a miraculous recovery! She was cleared by the vet and deemed a healthy dog. But although Faith had beat distemper, she still had one challenge ahead of her. She needed to learn to be a dog.

Mary Bryant-Carucci

Mary introduced Faith to her chihuahuas by just placing Faith’s kennel in front of them and letting both parties feel each other out. They warmed up to one another fairly quickly, but now it was time for Faith to feel grass for the first time ever.

Mary Bryant-Carucci

Mary recalled, “The girls would take her outside, and she would just kind of stand around.” But it didn’t take Faith long to learn because Mary constantly took care of street dogs in the area. Faith was soon running around and playing as a dog should!

Mary Bryant-Carucci

Faith made a full recovery and lived her best life with the family that saved her. Mary explained, “You can’t help every single animal who’s suffering, but for the ones that you can, you make a difference. That’s how I look at it — and that’s how my girls look at it.”

Mary Bryant-Carucci / Facebook

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