Neglected 130-Pound Shelter Dog Goes Viral After Stepping Into His Home For The First Time

What makes a dog house a dog home? Well, it certainly takes a lot more than a bowl of food and a corner to sleep in. Social animals to the core, dogs need a loving family. Otherwise, they can spiral into serious depression.

For one 130-pound shelter pup, adoption seemed like a distant dream. But after his heartbreaking story made its way across the country, an unexpected opportunity arose for the canine — and his reaction was nothing short of adorable!

Cosmo’s first few days on Earth were pure happiness. Born to Saint Bernard breeders in Nebraska, he was likely headed to a happy home somewhere nearby. Those hopes, however, soon sputtered out.

YouTube / Mommy_LuLu PruPru

As Cosmo matured, potential families passed on him again and again. It wasn’t too long before the breeders themselves figured that they had no further use for the big dog.

This sad turn of events brought the Saint Bernard to the Hearts United for Animals shelter. The organization’s strict no-kill policy was one silver lining for Cosmo, but that was about all the good news he’d get.

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Months passed by without any loving humans coming to whisk Cosmo away to a happy home. He grew lonely, fearing that he would live all his days alone in a shelter cage.

But Kristy, a member of the Hearts United staff, took a particular liking to Cosmo. He really deserved a good home, so she thought beyond the limited Nebraska community. She shared his info and some photos on an adoption website.

Of course, Kristy had to be honest about Cosmo’s size. The Saint Bernard already weighed a whopping 130 pounds, a number which could get even bigger over time. Would families get scared about such a big dog taking over their entire house?

Deep down, Cosmo knew his size simply meant that he had more love to give. He continued to mope around the dreary shelter, but was completely unaware of a special visitor coming from many miles away.

Animal Channel

She left her home in upstate New York to make the long trip out to Nebraska. This mystery woman stumbled across Cosmo on the adoption site and fell in love instantly. She couldn’t wait to see him in person.

That’s how Cosmo met Jayne, and the two of them hit it off right away. After just a few minutes, she called Kristy over. The two women eagerly dove into a thick stack of paperwork.

YouTube / The Dodo

With that, Jayne made it official: Cosmo would be coming back to New York with her. She led the Saint Bernard to her car, with the backseat already placed down and converted into a makeshift dog bed.

YouTube / The Dodo

Once confined to a tiny cage and play yard, Cosmo stared out the window as over a thousand miles passed them by. Beautiful as these vistas were, they couldn’t compare to the sight of his new home.

Back in New York, Jayne led a tentative Cosmo to the front door. He hesitated at the threshold, as he hadn’t entered a house since he was at the breeder’s. But once he made it inside, he knew he never wanted to leave.

Cosmo settled right into Jayne’s home like he’d lived there all along! After he had a nice meal and a snooze, Jayne decided to introduce him to the rest of the family.

In addition to Jayne and her husband, Cosmo met their kids, Alice and Owen. His eyes lit up as he imagined all the good times they would have together — though that wasn’t the only surprise.

Animal Channel

Jayne’s other two dogs, Poppy and Grendel, sprinted over to Cosmo and welcomed him into the family. Suddenly, the big dog had more companions than even he could handle. That made all the difference.

YouTube / The Dodo

“Animals just understand life a little bit better than people sometimes,” Jayne theorized. “If they have love and food and a roof over their heads — that’s all that really matters.”

ABC News

There’s no doubt that Cosmo was ecstatic to finally have a place at the table. His new home was a far cry from the depressing concrete and chain-link fences of the Nebraska animal shelter.

As for Cosmo’s daunting size, it has gotten him into a couple of sticky situations. But at the same time, it’s part of why his family loves him so much.

Cosmo dove head-first into the adopted life, though the first day he laid eyes on Jayne will always be a happy memory. In fact, every time a dog meets their family makes for an unbelievably adorable moment.

Have you ever been so excited you had to bite something? If not, then you’ve never been on the same happiness level of this golden doodle pup, who forwent the lame-duck version of “got your nose” by literally getting his new owner’s schnoz.

talkingxbird / reddit

She found this pup on the side of the road and was going to bring her to the local shelter, but then she saw her face, and, well… let’s just say she ended up bringing her back to her own house! Can you blame her?

FuzzyManPeach / reddit

If you adopt a dog and she immediately poses for a selfie with you while grinning ear-to-ear, it’s safe to say you made a good choice! It’s nothing but clear skies for these two besties from here on out.

Hi-sup / Reddit

As the classic club song once decreed, putting your hands in the air is strictly reserved for those who just don’t care. But don’t tell this pup that! She and her new family couldn’t have looked more excited about their future of friendship.

Lort Smith / Facebook

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then all thousand words for this one would be some variation of awwww over and over. The look of total relaxation and comfort on this dog’s face says it all.

Zombeejeesus / reddit

A really memorable morning might include breakfast in bed, but a puppy wakeup call seems a whole lot better than a tray of toast, bacon, and coffee. All you need his one look at this cuddly doggo’s face for proof!

Covino & Rich / Youtube

What’s cuter than a puppy and his new owner gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes? You can tell they’re thinking of the next dozen or so years of friendship. That, or this doggo is hoping to borrow the keys to the car.

Budzsta / Reddit

A little sunshine and a hug from a new owner—what more could a dog want? Not a whole lot judging by the look on this girl’s face! Her gleeful expression would’ve looked perfectly in place in a shampoo ad.

Megan Jordan / Facebook

That’s a big smile for a little dog! Of course, Tata the pup couldn’t help herself after she’d finally been adopted and taken back to her forever home. And because of her happiness, her new owner couldn’t help but smile, too!

Nicoletta Licciardi / Facebook

Every year he asked for a puppy for Christmas, and every year, his wife declined. That’s another mouth to feed, after all. But one year, his Christmas wish was finally granted, and he couldn’t keep the shock off of his face!

Alyssa Goodwin / Youtube

If adventurers ever found the legendary Fountain of Youth, chances are, it would be a 10-foot-deep pit full to the brim with puppies. Nothing energizes a person or makes them smile like a puppy, and this senior citizen who just met her new companion knows that better than anyone!

I_Speak_Australian / reddit

There’s no doubt that being a police officer must be one of the most stressful jobs on the entire planet. Cops tend to have a tough exterior while on duty, but this officer couldn’t help but melt when he hugged his new puppy!

Panhandle Welfare Society / Facebook

When this woman adopted her new pooch, she couldn’t help but cradle him like her a newborn baby. Judging by the look on this dog’s face, he didn’t mind that at all! He was ready for a lifetime of love.

Allie Lucchetti / Facebook

As this Reddit user put it: “I went to adopt a dog and ended up with a bear.” He didn’t seem too upset about it! Now with a big doggo at his side, he’ll be able to tackle anything the future might hold.

wiioz / reddit

There’s a certain stigma that comes with adopting an older dog—they tend to have a variety of health issues—but this guy didn’t care when he picked out this pretty pooch. They posed for a quick picture outside the shelter, where she really nailed the adorable lolling tongue!

wickedsmaht / reddit

It’s hard to tell the difference between a well-formed “Can we keep him?” face and an “I love this dog so much face,” but rest assured, this girl’s making both! You can tell there’s a lot of love in this pup’s future!

project_seven / reddit

Emotions can run wild when you meet a new pet for the first time, and perhaps there’s no greater proof than this guy’s reaction. When his significant other surprised him with a new dog, he broke down in tears.

DarkSpirit_ / reddit

You bring your new dog home, and what’s the first thing you’re gonna do? Throw a backyard party with your new pooch, that’s what! Maybe if you’re lucky, the dog will even make the same face as you when you pose for a selfie.

zackbusselsd / reddit

The woman in this photo suffered from depression. Life, to her, felt incredibly hopeless. When she finally felt she was on firm ground again, emotionally, she treated herself to a little puppy. This single snapshot captures the beauty of the moment she took him home.


What’s the best cure for a grumpy dad who just wants to watch Netflix? Why, a puppy of course! (This is also the cure for everything, by the way.) The question is, who won this staring contest?

RathskellerDweller / reddit

They say there’s no medicine quite like a child’s laughter, but maybe children sleeping with their canine best friend for the next decade or so is a close pharmaceutical second. Rest now, fellas, ’cause there’s gonna be a whole lot of playing when you wake up!

Happiness Heroes / Facebook

Oddly, this photo looks like a scene ripped right out of a Pixar movie… or a photo from a pamphlet on the joys of dog ownership. Either way, it’s hard not to want to give your own pooch a hug after getting a load of this kid!

logically / reddit

As one Reddit commenter pointed out, the camera may have been quick enough to catch this protruding puppy’s tongue, but it still couldn’t capture his fast-flicking tail! The picture practically bleeds enthusiasm.

tinkerlane / reddit

Their faces said it all: the little girl, overcome with glee at her new Christmas gift, perhaps thinking about a future of mischief with this new pup; the pup, that placid, tongue-lolling look, couldn’t make a better “I’m a puppy” face if he or she tried!


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