Abused Dog Was About To Be Slaughtered, Until Rescuers Got There In The Nick Of Time

Dogs make such faithful, loving pets that it’s hard to believe anyone could treat them cruelly. Yet we know that, all too often, our canine friends are abused, neglected—or worse—by many people who don’t value them.

Take this mastiff named Waldo, for instance. He was raised on a South Korean dog meat farm, where he was mistreated and had little chance of escape. Worse yet, he was fated to become food.

Luckily, some courageous volunteers from the Humane Society International stepped in…

When Humane Society International found Waldo at Yulin, a South Korean dog meat farm, he had been kept in a cage and mistreated for his entire life. Things were looking bleak for the resilient Waldo. Luckily, rescuers had gotten there just in time.

waldo-the-dog-1Facebook / Humane Society International

At the time of his rescue, Waldo was severely underweight. A fully grown male mastiff typically weighs around 160 pounds, but Waldo was all skin and bones. The pain in his eyes was almost too much to bear.

waldo-the-dog-3Facebook / Humane Society International

He also had an untreated eye infection and open sores on his legs; there was no denying that he needed to be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Understandably, Waldo was timid and afraid of his rescuers. Thankfully, he eventually allowed them to help him… and his transformation was eye-opening.

waldo-the-dog-2Facebook / Humane Society International

However, just over three months later, Waldo was already looking like a new dog! At a normal weight, and with his eye infection cleared, he seemed confident, happy, and healthy. You go, Waldo!

waldo-the-dog-4Facebook / Humane Society International

Having been given a new home on a horse farm in Virginia, Waldo has enjoyed healthy food, veterinary care, fresh air, and plenty of space to roam. He was basically living a dog’s dream life!

waldo-the-dog-5Facebook / Humane Society International

He had all sorts of room to play and to go on adventures. Clearly, he was enjoying his new home! It was a long way from where he was even just a few months ago, both literally and figuratively.

waldo-the-dog-6Facebook / Humane Society International

Plus, he even made fast friends with all the other animals on the farm. He and this horse were clearly kindred spirits! Good for Waldo! Nothing can bring a smile to your face quite like this!

waldo-the-dog-7Facebook / Humane Society International

It’s such a relief that Waldo is doing better now. It seems like he’s really enjoying his new home and family. He deserves it!

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