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A Man's Prize Horse Finally Returned Home After Eight Years Of Running With A Wild Herd

During an ordinary camping trip, Shane was woken up to the sound of rustling. He was confused, because he thought the campsite was empty. And yet he was familiar with this sound, and as sleep receded it became obvious: he could hear wild horses. The commotion didn’t worry him at first, but when he opened up his tent, he saw his own horse, Mongo, galloping after a group of wild mustangs. Mongo disappeared over the horizon, and Shane’s world fell away. 


Utah man Shane Adams had thought the world of his horse Mongo until they were separated during that fateful camping trip. In the months and years that followed Shane had done his best to find the lost mount, but his efforts all ended in failure and eventually he feared the worst. Imagine Shane’s surprise when a miracle happened eight years later — Mongo was discovered living in the wild, and now he was coming home. 


The reunion would be a nerve-wracking one for Shane. A lot had happened since Mongo’s disappearance and his horse had lived a completely different lifestyle. It could only have made Shane wonder: what had become of Mongo? Was he even the same horse Shane knew before his disappearance, or would he have forgotten domesticated life with his human entirely?

Best friends

Some people say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but Shane would probably argue that Mongo makes a great case for the bond between man and horse. Equines have always been present in horse-trainer Shane’s life — he grew up around them, after all — but none of them had captured his heart quite as much as his beloved half-Quarter and half-Percheron steed. 


In 2022 Shane told newspaper The Washington Post that Mongo’s personality was “goofy.” The gentle horse also loved treats, specifically Sour Patch Kids candy. Mongo must have enjoyed plenty of them during his time with Shane, too! The pair often spent the weekends camping in the desert plains of northwestern Utah. Unfortunately, that’s also where Shane and Mongo had unexpectedly gone their separate ways.