Nature Gets Revenge On Safari Hunter Who Killed Elephants And Lions For Sport

When you involve yourself in activities that require you to risk your well-being in dangerous situations, you have to make sure that you are prepared for every possible outcome. Always take every step necessary to ensure that your safety comes first.

But, just because you take the appropriate steps doesn't mean that you're completely safe. When you're involved with something like hunting wild game in Africa and putting yourself in the company of lions, wildebeest, rhinos and other large predators, things can turn deadly very fast.

Scott van Zyl, a big-game hunting enthusiast from South Africa, ran a website called SS Pro Safaris that brought foreign clients on hunting excursions throughout the continent; he was used to spending time around dangerous animals. But, when he recently went missing after a routine hunt, authorities and locals feared the worst.

There are plenty of dangerous hobbies in the world that people involve themselves with; some folks just get a rush of excitement when they know that there is a safety risk involved. One of those adrenaline-fueled hobbies is big game hunting in Africa.
Scott van Zyl, 44, was an avid big game hunter and safari enthusiast. He ran a company called SS Pro Safaris that brought foreign clients to parts of southern Africa to hunt animals like lions, wildebeest, and rhinos.
Scott was a professional hunter himself and could never turn down the chance to capture a prized trophy animal. He always knew the proper safety measures he needed to take before an excursion so that he would return home safely, but, sometimes simply knowing isn't good enough...
Recently, Scott went on a safari in Zimbabwe. He left for the hunt with only one tracking guide and a pack of dogs to accompany him. Apparently, the guide and Scott both walked off in separate directions when they finally arrived at their location, the Limpopo River in Zimbabwe.