Most Cats Hate Playing In The Snow, But This Longhair Just Can’t Get Enough Of It

No matter how old you are, it’s always tempting to go outside and play after a fresh snowfall. After all, who doesn’t love lobbing some snowballs, building an igloo, or making a snowman when it’s a winter wonderland outside?

Nala, a mixed breed of Maine Coon and Norwegian forest cat, loves playing outside in the snow as much as anybody. In fact, she might like it more than most!

The only issue is that she doesn’t always have somebody outside to cavort around with. That’s why she came up with a hilarious way of letting her owners know exactly when their presence is requested!

When you think of cats, you don’t exactly think animals who love frolicking in the snow. After all, snow is just frozen water, and everyone knows exactly how felines feel about water. In general, they hate getting wet…

Sure, cats love going outside and exploring, but the second snowflakes start to fall from the sky, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be scurrying towards someplace warm, safe, and dry as quickly as they possibly can. They don’t want to get stuck in the snow!

After all, snow is everything that cats hate. It’s very wet, it’s very cold, and it’s pretty darn confusing: sit on snow too long and it inexplicably turns into water—what’s the deal with that, anyway?

However, some cats enjoy quite a different relationship with the snow. They don’t hate the snow at all. In fact, you might just say that these cats love the snow and relish any chance they get to spend frolicking in it.

Some of them use the opportunity to frolic with their friends. After all, the snow makes a great place to hide and everyone knows how much cats love sneaking up and pouncing on their friends during a game of hide-and-seek.

Other cats enjoy the time they spend in the snow, solo-style. Check out how this black-and-white beauty is using the snow to make her very own special brand of snow angel. It doesn’t seem like she’d ever want to stop frolicking!

One cat who especially can’t get enough of playing in the snow is Nala. She has a total blast in the white stuff! Nala is a Maine Coon and Norwegian forest cat mix who loves nothing quite as much as she loves a snowy day.


The only problem is that she doesn’t always have someone to play with. As a cat living alone in a house with only humans, she has to get pretty inventive when it comes to inventing fun games to play all by herself.


Nala is pretty good at figuring out how to keep herself occupied even without a friend to frolic beside her. However, even the most patient cat reaches their limit at some point. So when she wants to let her humans know that she’d enjoy their company…


…Nala devised an adorable way of getting their attention. Want to see what Nala does to get the attention of her owners? Thankfully, they filmed every moment that she does this silly thing. Just see in the video below!

You don’t usually see cats who love the snow quite as much as Nala does. She sure is cute trying to get someone to play with her, though!

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