Eye-Opening Photos From Michael Jackson's Empty Neverland Ranch

Unless you were personally invited by Michael Jackson, you never got to see the inside of Neverland Ranch. Fans only had glimpses and tidbits of tales from inside the famous home, and only a select few knew what really went on behind its walls. After Jackson's passing, however, Neverland was opened up. And there are some revealing photos that show how the eccentric entertainer actually lived.

Jackson's paradise

Neverland Ranch was a place that Jackson cherished, a fantasy world where he could live out all his dreams. Perhaps it was a place to recreate the childhood he had never had, or maybe it was a reach for joy in a world of fame and misunderstandings.

Personal carnival

There used to be an assortment of animals at the ranch. They're long gone, of course. And while the rides and games were still there at the time of Jackson's death, they had lost all their glory and were left dirty and damaged.

In its prime

But when Neverland was in its prime, the fun was infinitely large and endlessly long. Kids had the time of their lives on the ranch, and they included none other than Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin.

Like Disney

The ranch was almost like a mini-Disneyland, in fact, with a lawn similar to Disney's Alice in Wonderland area. A tiny train would take you all around the property when you were too tuckered out from all the fun.