Dog So Big He Could Barely Move Undergoes An Unbelievable Transformation

Abandoned or neglected animals can lead difficult lives. For many, not getting the medical attention they need can be a death sentence. More likely than not, most animals will not survive due to a lack of adequate nutrition.

For other animals, however, this neglect doesn't lead to starvation. In fact, depending on what they are eating, some neglected pets might actually gain too much weight from not being fed the proper diet as moderated by an owner.

Such was the life of a stray dog in Brazil named Bolinha. This sweet one-eyed pup was technically homeless, but he spent the better part of 13 years hanging outside a local gas station. When he finally got help, it was almost too late...

For the past 13 years, a stray dog named Bolinha lived outside of a gas station in a rural area in Brazil. But he was far from neglected! Rather than be ignored, he was frequently fed scraps of food by the employees and passersby.
Though that sounds like a good deal for a stray dog, it was far from it. Before long, Bolinha was morbidly obese and hardly able to move. And because no one feeding him was communicating with each other, they had any idea how much food the poor pup was actually receiving. (Spoiler: it was a lot.)
The poor guy had ballooned up to 80 pounds! Unfortunately, no one seemed to care. And if they did, they definitely were not showing it. The poor dog was practically immobile, taking shelter in a nest he created for himself by the gas station. Thankfully, Bolinha's life would change with the help of one special person...
Eventually, a hero finally came for Bolinha. An animal rescuer from a neighboring town heard about the pudgy pooch's plight and went to search for him. After discovering Bolinha in a pile of filth, the rescuer brought him to the Animal Protection Organization for help.