Following Ozzy Osbourne's Life-Changing Diagnosis, The Singer Responds To Rumors About His Health

In 2020 Ozzy Osbourne and his family decided to go public with the Prince of Darkness' serious diagnosis. His fans knew that he had been in a life-changing accident, but they didn't know about the other health-related issues that he'd been dealing with. They were so bad that Ozzy was forced to cancel shows and take a step back from life on the road. It was a worrying time, but things eventually started to get back to normal. In 2023, though, Ozzy was again forced to make a shocking announcement — and address those constant rumors about his health.

Living on borrowed time

The first stories about Ozzy's well-being started circulating around October 2019. That year, Ozzy underwent surgery after a bad fall and also had to cancel concerts due to pneumonia. Come October, then, the celebrity gossip website Radar Online claimed that the famous rocker was “living on borrowed time.” But it seemed that this couldn't have been further from the truth.

End of the line?

Radar Online stated that they'd spoken to a “pal of the former Black Sabbath frontman” who said, “He’s had a whole host of health woes, and it looks like the ‘Crazy Train’ may have reached the end of the line.” However, Ozzy’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, quickly came out to angrily deny that the story was true.

Cold and callous

While on The Talk, Sharon declared, “How cold and callous are those headlines? Where’s people’s empathy? It’s not [true] by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been open with everyone and so has Ozzy.” She went on, “He had a terrible, terrible bout of bad luck with his health, one thing after another. And then after his fall that he had, it’s been awful for him. But he’s getting better.”

Can't catch a break

Ozzy has indeed had a lot of bad luck with his health — particularly as an older man. In addition to pneumonia and the surgery he had after the fall in 2019, he got a staph infection in October 2018. He contracted the disease simply after getting a small cut on his hand. This turned into a major and even life-threatening problem.