23 Times People Turned Their Pets Into Monsters With Smartphones

Peanut butter and jelly, rock and roll, and animals and cameras: some things just go better together! Human beings and the animals we encounter in our daily lives often share a special connection, and how better to celebrate that bond than by capturing a perfect snap of the critter in question?

Of course, sometimes it isn’t that easy. The very features that are supposed to make our smartphones take quality images can make the life of an amateur photog pretty darn rough. When these animal lovers got their hands on smartphones, they wanted to include their beloveds in panoramic images. Unfortunately, these animals had different ideas!

1. It’s a tough job being a two-headed dog, even on the beach. Oh sure, there’s the sun, surf, and plenty of snack opportunities. But none of that changes the fact that only one of these heads is responsible for the eating…

2. It’s hard to say which is the most alarming part of the panorama-fail. Is it the truncated trunks of the elephants or the way some of them seem to have sprouted humans here and there? 

3. Dogs are known for having a super keen sense of hearing. This pooch puts all the rest to shame. It can’t just hear better than the average dog; it can even hear what you’re thinking before you say it! Probably.

4. They say that to become the perfect equestrian you’ve got to dedicate years to honing your craft and to bonding with your horse. What they don’t say is that there is always a chance your horse might also be crossbred with a centipede. 

5. This kitty has spent way too much time on Instagram. Just look at this selfie! It’s clear she’s tried to smooth out her curves by making herself look a little bit longer in the waist. We all cheat with filters every now and then, but this is just outrageous. 

6. We have all heard the most famous Zen koan at least once in our lives: what is the sound of one hand clapping? If that one isn’t your speed, may we suggest “what is the sound of one-legged pug hopping?” Spoiler: the answer is SPROING!

7. “Yeah, you know, I really loved my old two-person horse, but now that I’ve settled down, married, have kids on the way, something the whole family could ride just seemed like the obvious option. Plus, it gets great oat mileage.”

8. For a cat, it’s all about the tail. It’s how they express their mood, it’s how they get your attention, and it’s what they use to balance when they jump on high perches. It’s safe to say that, in the feline world, this guy is a total G. 

9. Much is made of Picasso’s blue period, but until today, virtually nothing at all was known about his Spot period, wherein he did a series of paintings inspired by his own dog. It’s easy to see how the dude got into the abstract. 

10. It’s not easy having two heads, especially when one of those heads is always desperate to see who’s going to show up at the door next while the other wants to sleep the day away. Luckily, these “two” make it work…because they are actually just one dog. 

11. In real life, this dog is probably very sweet, very fluffy, and very, very charming. However, we don’t get to meet this dog in real life. Instead, we’re stuck with the panoramic shot we can’t make heads or, well, heads out of! 

12. Over the years, giraffes evolved to have very long necks so they could reach the leaves on even the highest tree branches during a drought. That’s not what’s going on here. That’s just Uncle Rick playing with his new iPhone. 

13. While the rest of you might panic should you look into your backyard and see that your cat was seriously malfunctioning, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for her patient owner, who just stands to one side while the kitty’s molecules reassemble.

14. When you took the mushrooms, you didn’t think they would hit for at least two hours. More than enough time to swing by dad’s place for dinner, right? Well, this accordion-dog is here with some tough news…

15. They say you can tell when a dog is happy by the way he’s wagging his tail. This dog has apparently achieved a level of happiness so extreme that he’s somehow managed to sprout two extra tails just to express it all!

16. While most people using the panorama feature on the phone do it to capture an impressive view or landscape, others use it for stranger purposes. Like the owner of this anteater who seems convinced it was actually a dog.

17. Admit it, when you saw this photo, you immediately hoped this was a real dog available for adoption in your city or town. While this panorama gone wrong didn’t accurately capture the pooch in question, it did capture our hearts

18. After seeing Aronofsky’s film Black Swan, Glenda made her own version with a sci-fi twist. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Glenda’s Black Black Black Black Swan: The Terror of The Deep. 

19. It was Riley’s lifelong dream to someday go to Australia where he could run alongside his brother kangaroos. Riley’s owner didn’t know how to break it to the guy that his marsupial qualities were just a trick of the lens, so he just threw another shrimp on the barbie.

20. Many scientists believe that all of life as we know it started in the water. If you have a hard time imagining your ancestors dragging themselves out of the water, allow this eerie dog panorama do the heavy lifting for you. 

21. They say that when you adopt a kitten you should prepare yourself. Even the smallest kitten can seem like a lot of work! That said, if you get them while they’re still young, they do possess magical powers… so, it’s a tradeoff. 

22. Many people consider Doberman Pinschers to be among the toughest dog breeds around. Some are so intimidated they’ll cross the street when they see one. Unless it’s this little guy. In which case people just generally clap with delight.

23. In a world full of boring dogs who have just four measly legs, be the dog at the beach rocking out with seven and not giving a care in the world. Talk about body positivity!

Some animals don’t even need our help with cameras to look silly. Take, for example, man’s best friend the dog. They have proved time and time again just how goofy animals can be. And just in case you forgot, here’s some proof.

1. Looks like someone discovered where their owner kept the bag of charcoal! At least she was smart enough to disperse it evenly over her whole coat. Maybe she’s working on her doggy tan and she thought it was sunscreen…

2. Siblings will pick on each other; that’s just a fact of life. It looks like these two guys decided to team up on their brother and give him a swirly! Even though his head is in the toilet, you know he’s already plotting his revenge.

3. Most people would be frustrated if they opened their front door only to find that their dog peed all over the porch. That said, you’ve got to be impressed with the well-executed circular form on this fluffy guy’s stream.

4. It would take a lot of skill for a dog to squeeze his head through a hanger, and this goofy one’s clearly been practicing hard! Doesn’t she know she’s already wearing a collar? She certainly doesn’t need two of them!

5. Does this furry ball of mischief really think turning his head away from the messes he makes will lead anyone to believe he isn’t guilty? Hey, you have to give him props for at least trying!

6. This little one just learned the hard way why it’s always a good idea to avoid playing with bees! Hopefully, he learned his lesson and the swelling goes down quickly. Bee careful next time!

7. This smiling pooch just couldn’t let his buddy be the only star of the show. How’s this for a photobomb? Most cameramen tell people to say “cheese” before a picture; hopefully, this one yelled, “Look out!”

8. Most dog-owners will confirm that their furry pals absolutely hate going to the vet’s office; it can be uncomfortable to have someone poking and prodding around! But this sweetie clearly loves the attention. She’s probably imagining that she’s getting a massage. 

9. This sad-looking pooch is upset because someone is keeping him from moving from this spot, but little does he know, it’s him! He’s stepping on his leash with his back leg. Just take a little step to the side, buddy, and you’re free!

10. Every time family or friends gather together to pose for the perfect picture, you can usually rely on someone trying to photobomb it! Case in point: this wide-eyed mischief-maker who wanted to stand front and center!

11. When a dog realizes they’re on their way to the park for playtime, they’re nothing short of ecstatic. However, when it’s time to head home, they tend to look exactly like this guy. Cheer up buddy; you’ll be back!

12. Some people out there only like Cheez-Its, while others love the stuff. This pooch is clearly addicted to the cheesy squares, and he’s not afraid to hide his urge to overindulge in his favorite snack!

13. This little pup’s owner clearly thought he could pull a fast one and sneak some healthy food into her bowl in hopes she wouldn’t notice. Little did he know, his furry friend was able to sniff it out!

14. Leave it to a doggo to completely ruin a perfectly good selfie! This woman tried striking a cute pose, but it was overshadowed by her pooch who decided to sneak a sip of water out of the toilet bowl. Refreshing!

15. How in the world did this dog get herself into this precarious situation? Better yet, how is she going to get out of it? Looks like her tightrope-walking career has come to an end!

16. This happy chap felt like munching on a snack while his owner was out of the room. Unfortunately, the remote took the brunt of his bite, though this satisfied pup couldn’t be more proud of himself.

17. When an animal goes head-to-head with a set of blinds, it rarely turns out well, as you can tell by the outcome of this bout. From the look of it, the blinds put up a pretty good fight!

18. According to this dog’s owner, he ran away from home and was lost for hours. After scouring the entire neighborhood, they returned home to find him peeking through the front door! “Hey, where’d everyone go?”

19. Apparently, this hungry fella barked at his owner’s front door until they got up to see what the commotion was. While they checked outside, he sprinted into the living room to snag a slice of pizza. What a sneaky pooch!

20. There is no shame in this dog’s game. Not only did she make a complete mess of the walls, but she’s sitting loud and proud on top of her day’s work. Hey, when you own a dog, life can be ruff sometimes!

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