Parakeets With Crazy Skills Guaranteed To Make Dog Owners So Jealous

Much to the enjoyment of the internet, people have been able to teach their pets to do just about anything. You want to see a pig jump through hoops? There’s a video for that. You want to see a dog do a dance? You better believe that’s out there, too.

And it’s a sad fact of life that some animals go under-appreciated for their tricks. Take the parakeet, for instance. Not only are they capable of physical acts just like any dog or pig, but they can surprise you with linguistic talents that would make party patrons lose their minds.

Don’t believe us? Check out these performance parakeets and be prepared to be blown away…

Chances are, if you can think of an action, someone out there has taught it to an animal and uploaded a video of it to the internet. After all, while animals are incredibly intelligent, they’re also pretty easy to train—provided you have a handful of treats.

One oft-forgotten but talented animal is the parakeet. Not only can it can jump through hoops like any circus animal, but parakeets are capable of linguistic feats that would make even the most callous English major jump from his or her seat.

At first glance, this parakeet’s trick repertoire might look like nothing more than a few spastic twitches followed by a beaked kiss to the tip of the finger. But there’s so much more going on…

tachille33 / Youtube

This parakeet pulled off a trick even the most well-trained dogs can’t quite do (outside of maybe Scooby Doo and his cousin, Scrappy). So, what was it? Why, he learned to talk! “Pretty baby bird,” he said again and again. Thankfully, his owner was sure to record a video of it!

tachille33 / Youtube

You might be thinking, “That’s strange—aren’t parrots the only birds who can do tricks?” The answer is, of course, no! Here’s another parakeet that perfectly demonstrates unusual talents when he hops down off the perch and effortlessly slaps a bowling ball through a few set-up pins. He managed to avoid the dastardly 7-10 split, but he set himself up for a tough shot nonetheless…

veevid4u / Youtube

Here’s a classic trick usually reserved for opossums. Just when you think she might be dead-as-a-dodo, she shocks the world with a fast-twitch wake up. It comes in handy when there are hungry cats about. This parakeet has even more tricks up her sleeve, though…

David Cota / Youtube

Not only does she have play-dead skills that would make any golden retriever jealous, this parakeet has the skills to capture the attention of any PGA champion. Tiger Woods only wishes his short game was on par with this birdie!

David Cota / Youtube

Even more spectacular is that this parakeet has learned the rare art of not doing a trick. That’s right: so well-versed in general trickery and performing, he’s taken things to the most meta of levels. He doesn’t drive the car like you might expect, but instead just pushes it off the table. What a trickster!

In fact, that previous parakeet is part of a whole Ring-Ling crew of parakeets helping him pull off… whatever this is. One parakeet spins the wheel while the others maintain formation, making this group of birds a circus act any audience could approve of. But can they do anything else?

To understand just how special and talented these birds are, just watch the video below. They’re capable of learning new words every day and, obviously, they’re pretty good at physical tricks, too. Is there nothing these birds can’t do?

It’s amazing to watch a bird speaking so clearly, but then again, the parakeet isn’t your ordinary animal. They’re performance artists through and through…

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