Puppy Abandoned At The Vet Because She Was Paralyzed Starts Walking Again Within Hours

Taking care of a dog is a tremendous responsibility, and that goes double when the one you adopt is still a very young puppy. Dogs are a lot of fun, but they are also a lot of work and they rely on you for their very survival.

Sometimes even the healthiest of pups can experience serious health problems. Thankfully, with a quick assessment followed by medical treatment, most of them will be just fine.

Sadly, not all dogs get the love and attention they deserve from the people who take them in. When Bella the pup lost the ability to walk, her owner thought her fate was sealed, so she decided to have her put to sleep. But that’s not where Bella’s story ends…

When this six-week-old puppy named Bella lost the ability to walk, her owner took her straight to the veterinarian and asked that the dog be put to sleep. When the vet refused to do it, the owner stormed off, abandoning this poor little thing at the clinic.

Instead of just giving up on this poor dog, the veterinarian’s office began to run a series of tests to get to the bottom of her strange and troubling condition. They also reached out to Piper Wood, the founder of a Los Angeles-based animal rescue group called Hand In Paw.

It didn’t take Piper and the veterinary technicians very long to review Bella’s test results—and when they realized the problem, they were shocked. As they were conducting tests on Bella and evaluating her condition, they learned that she had been taken away from her mother when she was much too young. This would explain certain health complications—including one they didn’t anticipate…

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